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Big Changes + A Cosmic Shift

March 7, 2011

Hello all! I have some great big, wonderful news.

In LimboLife In Limbo.

That’s right, folks. I picked up and made the move to my own domain!

I’d been thinking of making the switch to hosting my own blog for a long time, and crystallized my desires over my reading break. Last Wednesday, in the medical sciences library I set up my new blog in about 10 minutes, and then proceeded to spend the next four solid days (we’re talking 8-10 hours a day – thank goodness I have a midterm hiatus) fixing it up and making it awesome.

There has been so much freedom and adventure these last few days – it’s more exciting than you can imagine! I’ve been waiting to make this change for a long time, so my days were spent efficiently ticking off the lists of things I wanted to incorporate. Problems came up, they were fixed (with lots of help from Google), and it was both invigorating and exhausting.

And now I’m ready to share it with you! You, my faithful, intelligent and wonderful readers. I want to stress that if you’ve loved this blog, you’ll be getting much of the same on the new website. For more info on the content of the new site, check out the introductory video I made for Life In Limbo!

I want to make sure that you wonderful people don’t miss a beat, so stay subscribed!

  • If you were subscribed by email, re-subscribe by clicking here.
  • If you were subscribed by RSS, re-subscribe by clicking here.

There are lots of other exciting projects in the works, including an email newsletter, an ebook, and more video blogging. If this sounds good to you, what are you waiting for??

Head on over to the new site, yo!

Be sure to check out the new About page + the updated Photography page.

And let me know what you think!

Tweet me: @effieboo

Email me:

As always – much love.

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