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Home for the Holidays!

December 21, 2010

Despite my best efforts, my blog always seems to take a back seat when finals roll around. The last time I posted was December 9th! Yeesh. First off, let me give you a bit of an update on my life since then:

  • I have since finished four exams, including the dreaded Organic Chemistry final, to the best of my abilities and after excessive studying/hibernation/eating..
  • I’ve finished Lord of the Rings (finally!), read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (thumbs up), and am halfway through The Hour I First Believed. I plan on upping the ante on book reading during the break, so expect several more updates on the books in my life!
  • My boyfriend bought me lilies just because. Just because. Aren’t they pretty?

  • I’ve made vegan brownies, brown sugar shortbread, frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls, sweet potato poutine, chili, bruschetta, onion rings..Pictures and recipe posts to follow!

  • I made about a bazillion snowflakes (instructions here) and hung them up in my bedroom. I’ve since also shown my best friends how to make them!

  • We decorated the Christmas tree!

  • I’ve come home!! To the coziest house in the whole damn world, to the arms of my family, to my adorable pets, to tons of decorations and baked goodies and wonderful friends.

It’s so lovely to be back where everything is familiar, safe, comfortable and loving. Although I love living on my own, it’s nice to be able to come HOME. To somewhere that has a dishwasher.

I have so much planned for the holidays! So, expect posts about holiday baking roundups, reading lists, maybe even some crafts. Stay away from malls, stay in the arms of your loved ones!

Happy holidays.


ps. I’m obsessed with these videos! Give them a look. :)

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