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Happy Winter!

December 2, 2010

There are twinkling lights lining the downtown streets. I recently enjoyed a delectable salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks. Exams are fast approaching..

It’s winter, my friends.

With the coming of December, the most wonderful time of the year begins! Apart from the cold and the slush, there are so many reasons to celebrate the winter season.  People smile more. There are rosy cheeks. The spirit of giving (and mass-consumerism) is all around. But most of all there’s magic. The air feels electrified with possibilities and potential for beauty and love and life. It’s practically crackling with joy!

I think that sometimes we float through the seasons without appreciating them, and this is true with winter more than the others. It’s cold! We don’t want to bundle up and head outdoors (although bundling up is all the more fun, sometimes): we’d rather stay curled up in bed with hot apple cider and a movie. That’s what I love most about winter: the two extremes. You can go outside, put on your most adorable mittens and toques, run around like a crazy person doing errands. Then you can come home, be warmed up by a hot drink and a cookie and nest for a little while. I think the key to appreciating winter is to balance these two extremes: don’t forget to go outside! I have friends who would go days without venturing out-of-doors last winter due to tunnels on campus/downtown..that can’t be good for your vitamin D/happiness levels!

I want to tackle this season. Take it out, football style. Jump on it, crush it, love it. I want the most of it. I want to appreciate the little things which come with winter and winter alone! Which is why I’m going to make my Winter List up front and personal, on the 2nd of December, giving me no excuse not forget to do things. Hope this can serve as inspiration to your winter delights!

Ice skating on Mont Royal Beaver Lake

Make a snow angel

Make mulled wine

Hang up twinkling white lights all around my room

Make a gingerbread house

Throw a small dinner party

Pass a few hours reading in the bookstore

Sing carols

Find thoughtful gifts for everyone on my list

Do something to give back

Watch all my favourite holiday movies

Buy myself a cute furry hat

Enjoy soup as much as possible

Go tobogganing

Have a baking potluck

Visit the Beaux Arts museum

Walk around downtown and admire the festive window displays

Get a refreshing haircut

Remember to dress stylishly despite the weather

Be creative with packaging gifts: reduce waste!

Cook for others

Do the holiday baking with my Mom and sisters

Be thankful for everything

Eat cherry candycanes

Decorate the Christmas tree

Study hard for exams

Get enough sunlight

Write letters to loved ones

Drink loads of hot chocolate, eggnog and apple cider

Be forgiving

Be patient

Be thoughtful

Treat myself to a Christmas present

Cuddle more

Read by the fire

Make a snowman

Wear a dorky Christmas sweater

Eat as many types of fondue as possible: cheese, beer-batter, chocolate

Dance around my apartment singing festive songs

Create a delicious holiday meal

Take photos of snowflakes

Hugs. Give and get.

Celebrate Hanukkah with my friends

Make latkes

Eat chocolate Turtles

Play with my cats and doggie

Kiss in the snow

Watch the Food Network with my Dad

Order Chinese food

Watch Sex and the City reruns

Go out for dinner with: old friends, family, my loves

Eat pomegranates and grapefruits and clementines



What are you looking forward to most about winter? What are your special traditions for the holiday season?

Happy December everyone!



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  1. Laura permalink
    December 3, 2010 5:21 PM

    I would just like to say I was WAY HAPPIER last year when I didn’t need to deal with the outdoors!


  1. Bon Appetit | Send A Flower Basket

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