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Things I Love Wednesday

November 24, 2010

I am feeling particularly happy this week, and I wanted to share it with you.

I’m Loving…

Pretty much every article from whitehottruth, especially this one and this one. That woman is a genius. ♥ This piece from Zen Habits on creative people really cleared things up for me ♥ Being done my child development paper! ♥ Attending TEDxMcGill over the weekend and being exposed to so many awesome ideas and people (post to follow soon) ♥ Discovering WhiteLines notebooks and falling desperately in love: I am now completely obsessed. ♥ Planning dinners with friends ♥ My boy buying me a butter tart from Starbucks just because ♥ Taking out my umbrella literally seconds before the sky unleashed its fury this morning ♥ Making grocery lists ♥ Reading through the archives of Desserts for Breakfast and Closet Cooking and being totally inspired ♥ Getting wrapped up in the holiday spirit: thinking of twinkling lights and chocolates and kisses and family ♥ My bbm group convo keeping me connected to all of my best friends from home ♥ Making plans to attend an American thanksgiving with friends this week ♥ Anticipation of Harry Potter 7! ♥ Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee ♥ Munching on a few too many Skittles (oops) ♥ Having the apartment to myself this weekend ♥ Coming home to my comfy cozy room and curling up in bed for a few minutes ♥ My little blue umbrella still going strong ♥ Getting back into twittering and tumblring ♥ Feeling loved ♥ Having a movie night complete with ketchup chips and blood orange Italian soda ♥ How beautiful the new Vogue is and how excited I am to read it tonight! ♥ Daydreaming about spending the night in W Hotel Montreal.. ♥ Starting to think about oodles of holiday baking ♥ Finally cooking again and making the most delish stuffed shells in existence (recipe soon!) ♥ Going grocery shopping (finally!!!) and buying some of my favourite things to eat: pomegranates, grapefruits, green drink, Balkan yogurt, avocados, multigrain Tostitos, St. Viateur bagels..♥ Bubblebaths with eucalyptus epsom salts ♥ Drinking wine on a Tuesday night ♥ Doing laundry! ♥ Hugs and kisses ♥ This amazing post from {this is glamorous} ♥ Getting ready to make this delectable looking pie. Or this one. Or this one. ♥ Playing Glee music full blast. ♥ Becoming a regular at my local Subway.. ♥ Huge comfy sweaters ♥ Visiting the local bookstore for the first time in a while ♥ Sharing an apple cider complete with cinnamon stick ♥ Huge chocolate chip cookies with a chewy centre ♥ Realizing that there are 30 days until Christmas! ♥

Oh, and being featured on Foodpress!

I don’t know if it’s there anymore, but it was really exciting!

And my new head massager:

And being 8/10ths done Lord of the Rings..

And these videos:






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