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Go Habs!

November 8, 2010

I was taken on a surprise date on Saturday – to the Habs game at the Bell Center!

Okay I’ll admit it up front: I’m not really a ‘hockey fan’ per se. It’s possible that hockey people may have gotten more out of the experience than I did, but regardless I had an amazing time.

When I got picked up in a cab, I had no idea where we were going, or what we were doing (especially since I’d been told to eat beforehand), but the gift of a Habs toque halfway through our drive sort of gave it away…

My eyes can’t deal with flash, obviously.

As soon as we found our seats, beers in hand, one of the players (probably one of those damn Sens) shattered the glass with a puck, mildly injuring a child and causing panic from the fans. Never fear though, giant suction cups and a plethora of back-up plexiglass panels to the rescue!

Oh no!


All better!

I will say, though, the way that they fixed the pane did not inspire much confidence. You see those little rectangles at the top of the glass? Those are the only things holding the glass up. I saw it, and was scared. But whatever! Let’s watch the game!

Our jerseys are way better than your jerseys..

I am so excited!!

Still warming up..

Canadian National Anthem time!

Okay then the game began!! Unfortunately, I was pretty caught up in the action and didn’t take many pictures. But I got a few of the uber exciting goals!!

Yes!! Go Habs Go!!

Good old hockey game..

The bad news? We lost by 1. :(

The good news? We had a great time! We had awesome seats, cold beers and sore throats by the end of the night from screaming our lungs out. The game was so exciting, it was amazing to be there with all the fans watching these millionaires play a hockey game. Surreal, but awesome!

I was so lucky to be invited and felt like a true Montrealer after my first Habs game. Yippee!



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  1. November 10, 2010 1:25 PM

    Three days in a row, nice.

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