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Getting Me Through..

November 3, 2010

Here’s what’s getting me through hell week:

1. This happening on Gossip Girl (spoiler alert!!)

2. The new Taylor Swift CD

3. Subway

4. Pioneer Woman (I’m fantasizing about cooking all of her food.)

5.  Blistex. So much Blistex.

6. Thoughts of the weekend: blissful amounts of free time, grocery shopping and seeing friends! Maybe I’ll even get a chance to call my mom. Yeah, the mom who got back from Africa on Friday and who I’ve spoken to once. DAMN SCHOOL!!!

7. Nanowrimo. I am so behind!!!!

8. Thinking about eating. Gluttonously. Good food. Cooking. Omnomnonom.

9. Updating my blog!!


Until then – I am in the libs.


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  1. November 3, 2010 8:28 PM

    Hey guuurl!!!

    I’ve been missing your posts, you haven’t been posting to much lately huh? It’s okay though, I understand that you’re busy, but let me tell you one thing I liked a lot about this post and all posts alike this (also the reason why I love the most of the blogs I follow). I like how it’s short, quick and straight to business. You should do more of these blogs on the go…like one each day or something. Just create a category called daily posts or something…just saying :D

    Good luck with school :) cya

    • November 4, 2010 10:45 AM


      Yeah, I am sad that I haven’t been posting very much lately either. Good suggestion of posting quick things, however I usually like to put a little more time into what I post online. I want to put up quality content, not just random stuff all the time! I would never want to get into the habit of only posting stuff like this. But I guess for when I’m too busy, quick posts could work. The problem is that I have so much to do that my blog is usually not at the top of my priority list. Thanks though, I’ll keep that in mind going forward!

      And thanks for the luck, I’ll need it..

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