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October 18, 2010

I’ve Been Away..

Ohhh boy. It’s been several days. Can I provide some information as to my absence?

September 28, October 6, October 7, October 7, October 14, October 19, October 22…

Dates of my midterms.

I’ve had five. I have one tomorrow. One Friday.


My brain is about to catch fire.

I’ve spent most of every day at the library or in class or in an exam since I last wrote.


No! I lie! I went home for Thanksgiving! Wanna see some photos?

I had a lovely time.

Future Blog Updates..?

So here’s the thing. I’ve missed you guys! I’ve missed my blog, my writing. Life is so incredibly boring when the only writing you’re doing involves transcribing the life cycles of black bread mold fungus from paper to computer to be printed onto paper to be fed into my brain and then regurgitated onto paper for my exam. School is so weird, isn’t it?

I have some things I’ve been meaning to write about, namely my Filofax and how stellar it is in every possible way. That post will be written asap. ASAP I say!

Pause while I consider munching on an Oh Henry! bar.

I never noticed how sexual the name of that chocolate bar is before. “Oh, Henry!!” …awkward.


News You Can Use..

Here’s a note for you guys: don’t suggest a romantic chocolate shop for a date with a guy who is lactose intollerant. That would just be ridiculously stupid. Idiotic even. You should suggest a place where he’d actually be able to eat something. Because you will feel really stupid if you take him to a chocolate restaurant. Even if he’s really nice about it you’ll still feel stupid. You might feel so bad that you might even buy him lactose-free soy chocolate ice cream sandwiches when you’re at the grocery store the next day, even though you guys aren’t dating and if he knew he’d probably be slightly weirded out. So. Just think about this stuff guys!

This is awesome, I am showing it to everyone I know..

Disclaimer about friends..

I am obsessed with my friends. OBSESSED. I have literally the best friends in the whole world. Is there anything I can’t ask them? ..No. Is there anything we are too prudish to talk about?? …Um, no. I would like to holla at my girls: for talking me through my Daddy issues, for sewing the rip in my favourite cardigan, for throwing beautiful dinner parties, for giving me advice on how to chill the heck out, for making me giggle like a small child, for entertaining me with their stories, for listening, for loving me. I LOVE YOU ALL!


Leaves are crispy around my feet, the wind is blustery and all I feel like doing is eating soul food and cuddling on couches and watching chick flicks. Or dancing around on my tippy toes. Or..well, anything but study really. I feel like fall is slipping away so quickly and I still have so much that I want to do! Jump in piles of leaves! Get hot chocolate! Go bixi biking! Argh. Next weekend I’m crossing several things off that list.

I’m still here!

I promise I’m still around though. Midterm season makes me want to cry, but I promise I’ve been missing you guys every single day. Every single one! I wish I could write more. :(

Much love,

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  1. October 18, 2010 2:39 PM

    So much school! I sympathize. It looks like you had a lovely time during Thanksgiving. Good luck with the rest of your midterms!

    • October 18, 2010 2:54 PM

      Thanks! I’ll need it.. and yes I had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

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