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Things I Love Thursday

September 9, 2010

Ah yes, some of you will notice that I am copying the title of this post verbatim from my favourite website, Gala Darling. I have checked though, and while it may not be the most ethical approach to blog writing, at least I am not alone in said title infringement: look in Gala’s comments and you’ll see plenty of other life-loving bloggers, like myself, writing their own love lists.

I would also like to add that I may be justified in borrowing this idea for a post, since my own content has been taken now 2 times that I know of and been put on another website, with the author saying that it’s their own work. What’s with that people?? I’m not going to dwell on it, because this is a gratitude post, but suffice to say that is NOT something I love.

Let’s get on with it then, shall we? There is so much good and love and happiness in the world and I should like to record it here, for my own sheer delight.

Things I Love!

the most gorgeous bookstore ever, Toronto

  • Fall. The ability to snuggle up in bed with my fluffy duvet; walking around in a trenchcoat and perhaps a pageboy cap; reading in my Grandpa’s old chair with a glass of wine; getting that perfect perfect perfect chill on my cheeks – not enough to make me shiver but just enough to make me feel flushed and alive; loitering in bookstores for an hour, perusing delicious seasonal cookbooks and fantasizing about recipes, scarves and popcorn and dodging bicycles on the street..
  • Being independent! Having friends over for dinner any night of the week; cooking and cooking and cooking!; going to the grocery store and shopping for a whole week’s meals, on my own (as you can see, I am fairly food-centric); having a wonderful roommate to gossip and complain and whine and enthuse to; planning my day out, getting things done, having enough time to play my guitar in front of the open window; calling my mommy almost every night..ha!
  • Being me. Being the girl who loves to cook, starts belligerently long books while full-well knowing she will never finish them, looks at a plethora of blogs while the other people in lecture are looking at facebook, drinks an abnormally large amount of water daily, enjoys writing with crayons, would rather watch a movie than go to a club. I’m loving my opinionated-ness, my emotional-ness, my quirkiness. After so long of not enjoying being me, I am LOVING it right now. Things are fitting together much better than ever before. I am so happy.
  • Miscellaneous! Seeing heart shaped leaves on the ground; living on what is probably the most gorgeous street in the universe and relishing walking home along it; reminiscing; good dinner conversation; ‘Half-baked’ Ben&Jerry’s; my Filofax; BBM and its miraculous powers of keeping people connected; new tights for fall in black and navy (mmm!); forcing myself to smile every morning, because smiling makes you think you’re really happy; my current note-taking method; reading my favourite blogs; fashionable links from fashionable friends on my facebook page :); having pictures of my friends and family everywhere around me; eating dark chocolate just because I want to; sleeping well; cooking while listening to wonderful music; having a Mexican fiesta night; this new Zemanta plug-in for WordPress; Kris Carr’s weekly vlogs; staring at my bookshelf every once in a while, because having all my favourite books here is such a comfort to me; getting talked to by a big furry fat cat on my way home from school; slowly getting better at reading/making notes simultaneously; my couch (I fell in love with my couch a few days ago..); having dance parties with my roommate and imagining our hilarious superintendant joining in on the other side of the wall; seeing so many people at the adorable vegetarian restaurant nearby and making plans to go there very soon; throwing out all our mail except the pizza delivery flyers; my bedtime routine; skype; doing yoga on my living room floor; singing at the top of my lungs because although the walls are thin, like they were in rez, the bonus is that the people here don’t know me :); clean, fresh, warm laundry; when wonderful things happen to my wonderful friends (looking at you Kelce); doing hip hop in my room to Usher songs; changing into comfy clothes after a long day; taking gratuitous self-portraits in my mirror; peanut butter.

Ahh. I feel so much better about life. Isn’t life incredible and miraculous and beautiful and amazing?

What are you loving this week? What are you grateful for?


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