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Culture Shock 17/8/10

August 17, 2010

The Article

Jeggings are about as hip as skorts – The Globe and Mail

Praise {insert religious figure’s name here}!! Somebody finally agrees with me that jeggings (or, the ‘Legging Jean’ as the Gap more classily calls it) are (among other things) supremely unattractive, and just plain weird. I mean, I’m sure that some people can pull them off, and granted I have never actually touched a pair, but I cannot shake the notion that they’re going to look like those sprayed-on jeans that guy did..Anyways. If you’re secure enough in your body to pull the things off, be my guest, I applaud you. Who knows? Maybe if I tried a pair on, I’d be in love. For now though, I’ll just keep wearing my comfy, regular jeans, and giggle at the comparison of jeggings with sporks. Teehee.


The Song

See Me Now – Kanye West ft. Beyoncé

This version is a bit screwy, since the poster had to alter it so it didn’t get taken down by Universal Music Group, who basically dismantled every other copy of this song on youtube. But I found this one for you! Kanye sounds a tiny bit like a chipmunk, but isn’t that almost a good thing? Funny at least? :) Anyways I like the song a lot.
“If you fall on the concrete that’s your ass fault!”


The Website


Okay, so I stumbled upon this website a little while ago, but forgot to bookmark it. Cripes Stephanie, whyyy. I of course promptly forgot its name, and tried fruitlessly to google search it. Anyways, the point is that I eventually remembered.

This site is super cool. It provides listings for vacation rooms-for-rent in hundreds of cities. To me, it seems like a fantastic idea! You get to stay in somebody’s unique, interesting home, probably close to several local hotspots, and for a much cheaper rate than at a hotel! Definitely head over there to experience some serious travel lust, and make sure to check out their top 40 rentals: they’re absolutely stunning (keep in mind, for those prices you get the whole house! heehee). Eek, I want to go traveling SO BADLY NOW!


The Book

Summer At Tiffany by Marjorie Hart

Photo thanks to Amazon

The three words I’d use to describe this book are: interesting, quick, fun. It tells the story of the author’s favourite summer, living in Manhattan and working as the first-ever female pages at Tiffany. It’s interesting because it’s a great look at what the culture in NYC was like in 1945. It’s nice to find out that even though it was a number of years ago, it’s still the same story today: girls like glamour, love, being taken seriously, and having fun. Not much has changed! It’s a quick read, but I also accidentally got the large print version from the library so that may have helped it go by faster. It’s fun to hear about all the escapades the girls go on, from their dates to their work. It’s a lovely story.


The Movie

Ay caramba. Well the only movie I watched this week was part of ‘What Happens in Vegas’. It was a funny movie that I enjoyed, but you’ve probably heard all about that one so trailer time!! My favourite time. Here are some movies I can’t wait to see:

How hot is Jake Gyllenhaal. How hot? Okay, he looks slightly like a Ken doll in this movie, but do we care? I doubt it highly. And while this movie doesn’t look like the next Titanic, I’ll probably see it anyways.

I just started this book about five minutes before starting this post, but I’m already so intrigued. It seems like such a fascinating premise. The movie looks amazing too.


The Photos

Check out Trey Ratcliff’s portfolio at Stuck in Customs. His travel photography is stunning!


That’s all for this week loves. Let me know if you’ve seen anything lately that made you happy/excited/otherwise, I’d love to read or watch it!


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