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August 15, 2010

Hola beautiful people of the world! I’m just writing oh-so-quickly tonight to bring your attention to a few awesome updates to the site that I’m extremely proud of.

  • The new-and-improved-and-not-blurry beautiful new header that yours truly designed herself! I even wrestled with multiple layers in Gimp to try and make it nice and clear.
  • The new site motto! I changed it from “a place for lost and forgotten things” (the true definition of ‘limbo’) to: “advice about life, health and joy from someone still learning”. I’m very excited about the new motto, it represents the steps that I (and the blog!) are taking forward. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll finally step out from this in between, limbo state! :)
  • The updated About page. It now includes the old Contact Me page, which I felt was a bit redundant. Now it is supah fly and supah streamlined: you can now find fun facts about me, email me, or see pictures of me pretending to be Lady Gaga. Awesome.
  • The Paypal button. Located inconspicuously down at the bottom right of the sidebar, a new Paypal button sits patiently. I placed this button in the event that somebody finds my content worthy of a donation!

I’m caught in a frenzy of blog-love sometimes (okay, all the time) and feel the urge to revamp and improve it. I hope everyone likes the new changes. Feel free to suggest more, make comments about my content and email me just to say hello! I’d love to hear from you.

Much love always,

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