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Home from the Big Apple!

August 9, 2010

I’m back! Did you miss me? Sorry to say, I didn’t particularly miss you. It’s a bit difficult to think about anything except Manhattan while you’re in Manhattan, so that’s my excuse. There are so many different aspects of this trip: what I wore, what I saw people wearing, what we did, what we ate, where we stayed. Today though, before I get into any of those crazy details, I just want to share my very favourite pictures from the trip.


[New York Public Library]

[Times Square]

[Bamboo installation at the Met]

[Raspberry Italian sodas at Lombardi’s Pizza]

[Little Italy]

[Even the Subway signs in Times Square are big and bright!]

[The Plaza Hotel]


As you see, we had a magnificent time. We explored the Upper West and East sides, Soho, Chinatown, Little Italy, visited the Met and the American Museum of Natural History, took a bus tour to see and learn all about the city, went to the MoMA store, ate at fabulous restaurants, saw The Lion King (gah!) and stopped by Grand Central Station and the library (love love love). We were so lucky to have such a fabulous trip with such fabulous weather! It was sunny all three days we were there, and although it was hot there were plenty of air-conditioned buildings all around. :)

I feel so lucky to have gone on such an amazing trip. I’ve visited the city I’m always hearing about on the blogs and in the news! I am so happy to have gone, taken a bazillion pictures, and bought my requisite touristy I Heart NY tshirt and a Chinese lantern from NY Chinatown (!), and spent some quality time with my family. It was a fabulous vacation.


Since I’ve been home, I’ve been ordering photos, creating care cards, reading Nora Ephron and obsessing over Gala Darling. I also made a kick-ass chickpea salad and some vegan chocolate chip cookies that are amazingly chewy on the inside. I’ll share more details about all of these projects coming up soon.

Right now, I’m going to go finish my book and listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack on top volume. Rock on, Andrew Lloyd Weber. Rock on.


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