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Deep Fried Goodness

July 30, 2010

Although I have been trying to eat healthier lately, replacing my fatsnacks with fresh fruit and veggies and nuts and drinking a lot of water, I succumbed to my taste buds the other night: me and my mum made veggie tempura. And it was amazing.


Although, did I really break the diet rules? The book we made it from (Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet) says that when cooked right, most of the oil will drain off, and that having some deep-fried food is good for keeping us warm and helping us exercise. Do you need a better reason? Would you like statistics with your crispy yam tempura? I didn’t think so.

She also encourages serving tempura with shredded daikon, which is a type of radish. Apparently radishes are naturally awesome at cutting through fats! Yay! We didn’t have daikon, but we shredded some plain radish, and I didn’t feel ridiculously bloated afterwards so maybe it worked??

The great thing about this recipe is that you can control how much salt you use in the batter and for flavouring: you control what goes in the body! And you can choose which veggies you like best. We used cauliflower, yams, onions, mushrooms, green onions (not the best for tempura) and carrots.

We also made two dipping sauces: one soy-sauce based one, with tamari and ginger juice; and one creamy yogurt-based one with a bit of sour cream, lemon juice, green onions, salt and pepper. The second was my personal favourite, it set off the tempura really nicely.

Not the prettiest, but the yummiest. :)

The recipe we used was very similar to this one from Vegan Yum Yum, but from Alicia’s cookbook.

Go enjoy some tempura!! But make sure to be uber careful with the hot oil, never leave it unattended. And if you have a grease fire, put it out with baking soda and smother with a lid. Never use water people.

Anyways, Happy Frying and Happy Friday! Fry-day! Ha!

xoxo, S.

ps. Eat lots of veggies this weekend. I love veggies. Mmmmmm veggies.

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