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Smashing Waves

July 19, 2010

Here we are in our little form of paradise; with the waves crashing relentlessly on the shore, the skies blue and full of cotton-ball cumulus, and my brain full of the thousands and thousands of words I’ve consumed over the past couple days. Luckily, I brought enough books to read one a day and sustain me the week, but the mental overload has now led to a daily nap around 3:30 pm and lasting half an hour. Bliss.

Okay but before you get too jealous, I will tell you a little story about the aforementioned waves. So, while their constant crashing is soothing when you’re cozy on the deck or inside on the couch, it is mildly terrifying if you attempt to swim. Well, not swim, the swimming part while you’re out in the waves, bobbing like an apple is actually really amusing, especially if, as Lindsay suggested, you lie on your back and let the waves roller coaster you. No, it’s the coming back to shore which is unpleasant. It’s murky water, plus sharp rocks under bare feet, which leads to the impossibility of getting your balance before getting smashed into the rocks by another unrelenting wave.

It’s one of those moments where, if you’re me, you experience some minor hysteria about never being able to get out/having one’s head smashed against a rock, etc. No matter! I am alive and well, save for a bruised toenail.

The cottage is lovely, very well kept and right on Georgian Bay. The whole back of the house has big windows looking onto the lake: its redeeming feature. Its non-redeeming (?) feature would be the television; it’s minute! But the family plans on watching movies on it nonetheless. The upstairs has high ceilings and the whole place seems almost like a real house, if not for it’s all-wood interiors and cottagey decor. Anyways it’s quite nice, and a pleasure to be staying in.

We’ve been splitting our time so far between board games, reading, tanning, eating, movies and swimming. Tonight we’re off to a nearby town’s recommended restaurant. Back to civilization, dressed up in stripes and a skirt, beachy hair and camera in tow, onlookers be damned! I’m excited to check out their menu and see if it’s as nice as it sounds. :)

I promise soon I’ll have more posts for you, back-to-school and vegetarian-related posts that excite me just typing about them! But first some more reading. Gotta fill my mind with a more extensive vocabulary after all!

If you’re so inclined, let me know what you’re reading these days, or what you’re doing to relax. Or anything really! I’m only turning my computer on once every few days here which is both a change and a relief. Okay, I’m off to get ready, my tummy is grumbling!

xoxo, S.

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