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July 11, 2010

Growing up in my house, we didn’t play video games. To this day, I barely even know what those are. All of my friends can school me majorly at Mario Kart, both the old and Wii versions, it’s so annoying.

No, in my house we only had ‘thinking’ games. The kind where you can’t just aimlessly steer or follow one or two simple card game rules: you have to think. Use your noodle. Work that noggin. You know what I mean.

However, since that was the norm in my house (my mum works with people with brain injuries and uses these types of games for her work), why would I complain? That’s just the way it was. And we played games allll the time. The only traditional ones we had were Scrabble (such a fave), Monopoly (but Lindsay wins every single time so nobody ever wants to play), and Clue. Then we had these other gems that I’d like to share with you today. I promise they’re not too boring, they just take some getting used to. Right, ladies? ;)

1. Rush Hour.

Probably my favourite game ever. I could play this game, by myself, until the cows come home. It’s amazing. Objective: get the little red car out  of the traffic jam, by moving the other trucks and cars along their tracks and re-arranging. Also, knowing my mom, we have upgrades of this game: a little red sports car instead of the traditional, and a limo version. Ridiculously fun. You can try playing it online here, but it isn’t working for me. I probably need to update my damn Flash player or something.

2. Set.

Ah yes, check out my slightly battered, wax smeared Set. I convinced my friends to play at the cottage last weekend (I was happy, so when they taught me to play President, I was a good sport and didn’t even cry when I was the Asshole four times in a row..) and I think they actually enjoyed themselves! I hope. We were playing by tea-candlelight, so lots of wax drippings and difficulty telling the difference between red and purple. Whatevs!

According to Set’s Wikipedia page:

If you can sort a group of three cards into “Two of ____ and one of _____,” then it is not a set

Well, that’s confusing. There are three types of shading (empty, striped, solid), three colours (red, purple, green), three shapes (diamond, oval, squiggle) and three numbers (1,2 or 3). Basically you lay out a bunch of cards in the table, then snatch for three cards that form a set. You’ll get the hang of it!

If you don’t own it and aren’t suddenly rushing out to the store to get it, then play it here, on the New York Times website.

3. Mastermind.

Photo courtesy of Consolespot Forums

Another very premium game. There are gajillions of small, round pegs in a plethora of colours that look like candy or something. One person makes a combination of colours and hides it under that handy-dandy little cover thing. The other person now commences to guess the pattern using the other little candy balls. If they get a colour right, but not the order, the set-maker puts down a white peg. If they get the colour and order right, a red peg. Based on that ‘data’ the other person continues to guess until getting it right! If you don’t get it before you get to the last space on the board, you suck.

4. Slamwich.

Photo thanks to

Ahaha. Best game of life. So fun. My mom always had the unfair advantage of pain, since she wore a wedding band, which kills when it slaps down on your hand. Oh, maybe I’d better back up a bit. The point of the game is to recognize patterns basically: either a ‘double decker’ (two of the same cards put down in a row), ‘stop thief’ (a guy stealing a sandwich), or a ‘slamwich’ (a card flanked by two of the same cards). You have to slap the deck whenever you see these patterns and yell the corresponding phrase. It gets quite silly, and quite loud. Love love.

Sigh, my childhood. All laid out there like that. Other games worth mentioning:

  • Good old Scrabble
  • Trivial Pursuit (we had a really old edition)
  • Those Logic puzzles in all of my Grandpa’s Games books
  • I loved playing Crazy 8’s and Cheat with cards

I am all now know the extent of my nerdiness. It goes far deeper than you ever would have imagined. I hope it’s cool with you. Yeah.

Cheers! Try out some of those great, wonderful, fantastic, fun games and you will just be more mentally dextrous and happy and everything! And if you want, I’ll play with you because any of those games I would be more than happy to spend my days playing.

And they won’t rot your brain like my Dad’s new video game: Assassin’s Creed. Ew. Like actually ew. Barf.

Why don’t you spend your lovely, peaceful, beautiful Sundays playing one of the above games!? :) I know, wishful thinking. But still.

xoxo, S.

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  1. Nick permalink
    July 20, 2010 7:04 PM

    Okay stephanie there is nothing worng what so ever with assasins creed and u should know that your father has good taste. Slamwich is good too though

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