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Mi Scusi.

June 30, 2010

Sorry loves, I’ve been neglectful.

Mah bad.

Allow me to tell you some news to make up for it.

Attention, attention! Stephanie has found an apartment!! Eureka etc. It’s white and bright, with hardwood floors and the potential for brightly painted walls and as much Ikea furniture as I can stuff into it. My dear friend Apoorva found this adorable little two-bedroom for us in a prime location: two blocks past the ghetto (aka close proximity to friends), close to the gym, grocery stores, the hospital, and campus of course! It backs onto a little alley (sketch) but the alley houses hospital buildings and is therefore I feel better about it. It’s small, but the bedrooms are large and I DON’T EVEN CARE I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Let’s do some show-and-tell.

Ooh, isn't it pretty!

Use your imagination here..

Isn’t that fantastic news? I know, I think so too.

What else. Well I just finished the last of Curtis Sittenfeld‘s books. I almost wept. Not because American Wife was really that sad (beautifully written though) but because I have now gone and read everything that she’s had published. I guess, as Rob-my-favourite-bookstore-owner says: “at least she’s not dead”. True. I have a whole lifetime to look forward to more of her books. Hmph. Still, not impressed. I want more! I want them nowwwww! Boohoo. Boohoohoo.

We had a fantabulous party last week for Kelce’s birthday: lots of old friends, marshmallows, tiki torches and porch loveseats all made for a fun, rain-free night. It was a beautiful night.

Pretty Kelcie

Hopefully we’ll have more beautiful nights as we get ready to spend the long weekend at her cottage (so much hospitality Kelce!). Long, long days full of sunning and sauna, beer and bikinis. Catching fish, sleeping in bunker cabins, finding a quiet spot to read in the evening, exploring the island, visiting the dinosaur exhibit at Science North (I am BEYOND excited. I am encroaching on ECSTATIC territory here), having bonfires wrapped in old blankets, and also, notably, the road trip up! Oh how I love the cottage life. Maybe we’ll even get bored enough to do a puzzle. (Read: I really really hope my friends get bored enough to join me in my puzzle enthusiasm! This will likely not happen.) Anyways, I have to get around to packing one of these days, meh. All I really need are a couple sweatshirts, a bathing suit, sunscreen and a stack of books. Hallelujah!

Alrighty, I’m dashing out now. But I’ll be back later on to present my latest summer feast. It was delicious (right, Is?). Enjoy your (slightly chilly) summer night.

xoxo, S.

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  1. Isabelle permalink
    June 30, 2010 9:52 PM

    The apartment is gorgeous, so jealous!

    • effieboo permalink
      June 30, 2010 10:05 PM

      No need to be jealous! You’ll have your own soon enough! :)

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