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Affordable (and Achieveable!) Summer Fashion

June 14, 2010

It’s finally summer. I think we can declare that without the gods that be smiting us with six more weeks of winter. They do that now, and there will be questions. So I think it’s safe to say: It’s SUMMER! Amazing.

Briefly, I would like to highlight what is so amazing about summer.


  1. THE FOOD.
  2. Camping
  3. Swimming
  4. Dinner parties
  5. Eating outside on patios
  6. Sandals
  7. Your perfect outfits aren’t blocked from the world by stuffy jackets
  8. Ice cream, so much ice cream
  9. Reading outdoors
  10. Cottages!

What are your favourite things about summer?? Tell me!

Another great thing about summer is the fashion. The clothes! There always end up being such wonderful themes to summer dress, whether it’s hippie, gladiator, gypsy or beach babe. I love to mix and match different styles throughout the summer, while making sure to keep comfort a top priority. I never want to feel stuffy or hot!

Inevitably too, there always end up being lots of amazing deals during the summer. Old Navy always has $3 tank tops or flip flops, Forever 21 will do specials on sunglasses and shoes, and H&M has great swimwear! This is a good thing, because all of us poor college students are obviously trying to save money as much as we can.

So, today I thought I’d post about my top twelve picks for summer, at affordable prices only! I can’t afford to break the bank, and I doubt you can either. These pieces will get you through the best and worst of summer situations, if you can mix and match them and throw in accessories of your own! And don’t worry, they’re also accessible: anyone of any age could adapt these same pieces into outfits that work for them.

Top Twelve Summer Must-haves!

Affordable Fashion!

  1. L.L. Bean Boat & Tote: Perfect for carting around everything from groceries to beach necessities. It’s sturdy, well-made and cute too! Watch the video on how they make these incredibly strong bags here.
  2. Forever 21 Casual Flower Sundress: Wear this with the sandals (below) to be dressy, flip flops to be casual. You can wear this multi-purpose dress for loafing around, or out to a nice dinner.
  3. H&M Striped T-Shirt: My number one staple, if you wear stripes you instantly look more put together! Seriously! Plus, it gives such a beachy, nautical vibe to your clothes, which is lovely.
  4. Gap Chambray Button-down: Again, such a wonderfully relaxed and casual summer look. Throw this on at a cottage with those bermuda shorts (below), the fedora and the sunglasses and kick back.
  5. Old Navy White Tank Top: Pair with the flower skirt, jeans, shorts, leggings, anything! This tank will be your go-to piece for everything from running errands to working out this summer.
  6. American Eagle Dark Wash Bermuda Shorts: A great base for any summer outfit. Layer the tank and t-shirt, throw on the blazer and go!
  7. Forever 21 Casual Striped Blazer: One of my favourite pieces this summer. It’s a seersucker fabric, an adorable colour and makes me think of carnivals and street fairs.
  8. Delia’s Cinched Bandeau: No matter what your body-image issues, you can go forth into beaches and pool parties with confidence.
  9. Forever 21 Sunglasses: They have so many different styles, this summer you can be anyone from Jackie O to Mary Kate Olsen.
  10. b.o.c. by Born Wedges: Earthy, comfy, cute. Great for summer.
  11. American Eagle Fedora: A hat pulls any outfit together.
  12. American Eagle Flowery Skirt: Match this with any tank top or neutral t-shirt and you’re good to go. :)
Okay so that’s my perfect summer wardrobe, and I think that any of those pieces could be worked into anyone’s style and wardrobe. Maybe not those exact fabrics, exactly, but the types of pieces themselves. I am working towards a functional, fashionable and comfortable summer wardrobe! Woot.
Alright so I’m basically sick of talking, I’m slightly irritable and I’m not sure why. So yeah, I had better go make some conversation with my mother, I think she’s confused as to why I am grumpy. I think it may have something to do with writing this in the kitchen with annoying music on in the background. I’d better go before I explode!

xoxo, S.

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