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Culture Shock 06/08/10

June 8, 2010

As I write these words, I have recently had my butt kicked. HARD. Me and Kelce went to this step-fit class. Do not laugh. Step class is not a laughing matter. Had you been watching the pair of us from the Y’s creepy track (that encircles the gym from above and allows many weirdos to observe the middle-aged women (and me and Kelce) do step class) you may have seen us giggling from time to time. We were laughing only at how HARD THIS CLASS WAS. It kicked my ass and the middle-aged women were barely breaking a sweat. No, have some respect for the Step classes. They are not a trifle.

Anyhow, anywho, it felt good to sweat that much. But don’t start getting all up in my grill if there’s approximately 42 grammatical/spelling errors in this post. I spilt water on myself twice in a row earlier, suffice to say my muscle coordination is not up to par. ONWARD.

The Article

30 Ways to Live a Life of Excellence

A completely zen kitty

I found this jewel of an article on Marc and Angel Hack Life. It’s a blog with quite a few extremely inspiring posts on how to live your best life. I encourage you to go and read their great articles (75 things to do before having kids, 25 beautiful thought-provoking questions, etc). This one in particular will hit home for anyone trying to go out into the world and create their ideal life. It offers several good suggestions and makes me want to run around and be like, fulfilled and stuff. :)

The Song

Alejandro – Lady Gaga

Photo thanks to Tumblr

No, not because it’s a new song. But because I want to draw your attention (just in case it wasn’t already drawn) to Lady Gaga’s latest music video (see below). My initial impression is always that of shock, confusion, admiration and courage. Yeah, it’s undoubtably weird. But no matter what anyone says about Gaga, she is out there standing up for what she believes in and representing something. That’s something that can’t be said for many other popstars (I watched Selena Gomez’s latest video today too..huge difference). I think that Lady Gaga is sending a message, loud and clear, and that’s something to be proud of. Plus, her videos are always just fun to watch.

The Website

Probably one of the most soothing things. Ever. Perfect for playing some Jack Johnson along to while you’re lying in your bed reading something really moody and pretentious. No judgement, we all do it. Then we brag to our friends. Anyways, it’s a loop that sounds like rain. It’s wonderful. If rain’s not your thing, I have this white noise maker too, apparently it’s good for helping you sleep and several other things. Check it out here.

The Movie

Get Him to the Greek

One of my movie-watching companions said it was ‘the funniest movie I’ve ever seen. Ever.’ and while I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that, it really was non-stop laughs. Not all of the laughs were clever ones, but who are we kidding here, it’s a summer movie, pure escapism, and it does its job superbly well. The best part(s) of the movie, hands down, were Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. Sorry P.Diddy, half the time it felt like you were kinda trying too hard. But don’t worry, you were still really funny. Jonah on the other hand: adorable, chubby, has an awesome girlfriend (that new girl from Mad Men!) who is also a doctor (props, Jonah!) and loves music. He is also quite creative and always seems to be making suggestions that the top dogs initially think are stupid, but later on realize are brilliant. Like one particular idea of his – getting Aldous Snow to perform a 10-year anniversary show – ends up landing him a job hanging out with the rock star for like..I don’t even know, it felt like five days but I was too busy laughing to find out. Hilarity obviously ensues. Poor Jonah (I forget the character’s name) is dragged across the world, into nightclubs (which he hates), raped by gorgeous women, has a heart attack and *almost* throws in the towel, but this is a predictable movie so obviously NO he goes back and saves the day! Whatever. This year’s version of The Hangover was way funnier than The Hangover. Yay! Oh yeah, and Russell Brand is basically perfection as a crazed rock star. Yep.

The Book

Waiter Rant

One of two delightful books I bought myself this weekend at Chapters. If you want this book, go in there now to get it in hardcover, in the bargain section, for 6.99 or something ridiculous like that. Great sale, great book. Told from the weary-but-quite-hilarious perspective of ‘The Waiter’ at a fine-dining establishment somewhere in NYC, the book is a fantastic look into the real lives of the people who serve us, as well as some deliciously gritty horror stories about kitchens and customers alike. What I liked best was the writing itself (quite good) and the sense of the waiter’s outlook on life. It’s difficult to explain, but he’s quite calm, realistic and straightforward. I admired his story and the way that he told it. The book will teach you how to be a better customer!

The Photo

This entire post from Color Me Katie – one of my favourite photography blogs. So summery, so wonderful and whimsical. I love it!

Short and sweet tonight ladies and gentlemen. I’m absolutely positively exhausted and I have much to do tomorrow. I love you all! Have wonderful sleeps and even more wonderful dreams.

xoxo, S.

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  1. June 16, 2010 11:12 AM

    technically shes not the new girl, she was there from the first episode lol, but get him to the greek was pretty funny.

    • effieboo permalink
      June 16, 2010 1:00 PM

      Haha no I mean, she is like the ‘new girl’ at the beginning on the show! Silly. :)

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