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Culture Shock 01/06/10

June 1, 2010

It’s June babies! Terrific. June 1st feels like a brand-new beginning, but of what I’m not really sure. The summer has technically already begun, but maybe what with this new weather we’re really starting to settle into what Summer 2010 has to offer!

My father recently started fundraising to build a well in Malawi, so I spent some of my day building a website for the project. I’m using this awesome (and very easy) software called RapidWeaver. I don’t know if any of you have tried it out, but it’s great! Slightly limited selection of themes, but super easy to use and really good-looking.

Anyways, enough about me, on to the subject matter at hand!! The week in review.

The Article

Burkas and Birkins by Lindy West

Photo Thanks to Ikea Boy

I mean, I obviously went to see the movie. I’ve been watching the show’s reruns for a few years, and the first movie made me cry on more than one occasion. But this..I mean. It was a bit much. It’s as if they eschewed any attempt of plot, and decided that what we women want – after 94 episodes of sheer brilliance in costumes, characters and relateability – is really just utter escapism. All we really care about is not what’s going on with our beloved Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda, but really just complete extravagance and not much else. The entire 2 and 1/2 hours is spent gawking at their frivolity and inappropriateness (and no, not in the delightful way we’re used to from watching the show). It was enjoyable enough, of course, but in retrospect it was just too much. This wonderful review from The Stranger puts it into very sharp perspective. Bravo.

The Song

Could It Be You – H*Wood

My sister has been blasting this one in our house for literally weeks (she loves her music) so I figured I might as well feature it here now. It’s starting to get radio play finally, so you’ll be hearing it quite a bit I reckon! It’s just fun summer music..I’m the Lady Gaga girl. I shotty. Ps, it’s a wicked music video. Check out retro Janet Jackson.

The Website

Photo thanks to psd

A hilarious blog where one girl – Leah – gives thanks for the little things. Inspired by her mom’s nagging her to be more grateful, she has taken it to the next level by posting notes like:

Dear curse words + dirty words: thanks for consistently being fun to say. Few words feel as good coming out of my mouth. Cheers, Leah.

Very good. I love this website.

The Book

Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld

The book I read this past week was a cutesy looking thing, which makes you think it’s something along the lines of Shopaholic or those strange pastel-coloured ones that are about nothing at all. On the contrary, my dear friends, it is actually brilliant. It was originally recommended to me by my good friend Claudia, who said I would love it. Well, I did! The basic premise is a year in the life of a girl at a boarding school, but it’s so much more than that! It feels to me like the girl version of Catcher in the Rye, maybe not for the quality of writing necessarily, but definitely for the relate-ability of the character’s voice. The book really made me sad, actually, because of its reality. I could relate to many of Lee’s sadnesses, internal battles and life lessons. You could recognize so much of yourself and your embarrassments or struggles through her. I thought it was a truly wonderful book, highly introspective and so real.

The Movie

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Hahahahahaha. Haaahaha. Ha. Very funny. Jeff Bridges is utter brilliance as a hippie army leader (shown mostly in flashback) with a braid down his back and flowers in his hands. He is training a group of soldiers to be psychic spies. Jedi warriors. Ewan McGregor plays a journalist, learning more about this psychic unit, a few years after it was shut down, ‘for good’. George Clooney dons a mustache to play his typical character, made slightly more funny with ridiculous script coming from his mouth, flashbacks to him grooving away with a Beatles-inspired haircut and putting on crazy eyes on several occasions. Kevin Spacey plays the hard-ass, but in the end he gets high on LSD and it’s all good. The whole movie was actually very funny, all the way through. The plot itself may not be supremely clever, but the laughs are there and you’ll definitely enjoy yourself. I particularly enjoyed all the Jedi references around Ewan McGregor, since he, of course, was a Jedi. Oh, lol screenwriters, lol.

The Photo


Okay, I know this picture doesn’t really count, because it isn’t outsourced from another website. But how cute is my dog? And I can turn this into a cultural thing: get outside people! It’s summer! The weather is here so throw on some shorts, grab your camera or iPod and take your babies for walks. :) There, an excuse to feature my dog (for the 12399834909th time) on my blog.

S’all for now! I love you all, good luck this week in all of your marvellous endeavours into this crazy, cultural world. Let me know what you’re doing/seeing/consuming this week! Any shows or outings planned? A dinner or a movie? I’d love to make it to a flea market or at least a farmer’s market! And ps, who wants to come to Caribana with me at the end of July?!

xoxo, S.

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