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The Five Best Mac Apps You Already Have

May 31, 2010

I am continually surprised by some of my friends’ surprise when I show them certain, more hidden, applications already stored on your Mac, right out of the box. Some of these apps are ones I use daily, and are so useful and creative that I can’t bear to keep this information hidden from you! You’re probably familiar with most of them, but maybe there are one or two you missed in your excitement to download all sorts of new, free apps online. So read the list, click the search icon top right hand corner and search for these babies!

1. Front Row. As I’ve mentioned several times before, I am obsessed with movie trailers. I stalk Apple Trailers to the point where it becomes sad when I go to the movies and don’t see any new ones (actually, one redeeming feature of 2 1/2 hours of SATC2 was an abundance of new trailers!). Anyways, if you’re like me, then Front Row and all of its features will be great for you. Click the icon, and the screen dims. Then there are three great ways to experience media. You can shuffle your iTunes library/play playlists. You can watch slideshows of your photos. And, you can watch Apple Trailers (or your own movies) full screen, perfect quality, crystal clear. AMAZING.

2. Dictionary. An extremely useful app for settling arguments, playing Scrabble or completing final papers, Dictionary has a built in Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus, Apple’s own dictionary, and Wikipedia at your fingertips. Meaning it’s very easy and very accurate on four different levels. Try it sometime, I think it’s so useful.

3. Equation Editor. If you’re in a science/math program in school, if you have to write financial reports for work, if you just like to make equations in your spare time: look no further! For me this past year, this application saved my butt on several equations. (I meant to write occasions, but how funny is that! Haha total accident but so funny). Anyways, you open it up, start putting in various symbols, equal signs and sigma notation and you have yourself a great equation that can be copy-pasted into that pesky word document that doesn’t do any equations on its own. Success!

4. (Scientific) Calculator. Bet you didn’t know that your built-in calculator could do so much more! The Apple calculator can be Basic, Scientific, or a Programmer’s calculator: just click ‘View’ in the top bar to change the settings. Very useful if you need more out of your calculator than A+B+C, etc.

5. Garage Band/iPhoto. Both such amazing applications, so advanced and yet readily available. On iPhoto, check out the Facebook uploader, the Faces section (recognizes your face so you can make whole albums of you, if so inclined), the ability to make books/calendar/postcards, and the really easy-to-use system. On Garage Band, just fiddle around with different instruments, or just record yourself singing and upload it to Youtube. Who cares!?

Okay that’s it for now. For me, the only thing better than free stuff is stuff you already have, that you didn’t know you had! Haha, I hope it’s the same way for you. Enjoy!

xoxo, S.

ps. What are your favourite built-in Mac Apps? Are there any I don’t know about?? Fill me in!

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