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Hurry Scurry!

May 30, 2010

Wow, so many wonderful things have happened since I last posted. Our home has been filled with happiness and food, every night. I feel nourished, but tired (still having those exhaustingly vivid dreams every night..) and I’m looking forward to a less chaotic (but ultimately less fun) week coming up.

I love to recharge the batteries on Sunday, so I’ve been luxuriating by:

  1. Spending an hour on the phone gossiping/talking vegan with my newly-home best friend
  2. Painting my toenails ‘Cajun Shrimp’ (what a great name!!)
  3. Eating a delicious and filling dinner of quinoa, fresh veggies, toasted almonds, slivered apricots and honey hoisin sauce. Didn’t snap a picture, sorry! :(
  4. Reading three wonderful-for-different-reasons books: Prep, InStyle Parties (I SO want to throw a party now!!), and The Kind Diet – so inspiring, all.

The rest of my weekend was similarly low-key: I helped my Dad choose new glasses, read, watched an embarassing number of ‘The City’ episodes, etc.

The rest of the week was lots of fun, and contained lots of people. My mom’s best friend lives in the UK, and she was visiting with 4/5 of her family on their way down to a family reunion in Turks and Caicos (lucky people!). Somehow, without planning it, my mom and her friend managed to give birth to three kids each, who were the same ages..meaning that my British couterpart, Emily, and I get along splendidly. We spent the week eating, shopping, and watching Sex and the City 2 (hmm..more on that on Tuesday). Here are some shots from the week!

Kitties lazying about..

Leo's doppelganger, spotted in Chappies

Delicious, garlic encrusted portobellos

How good do those look? HOW GOOD??

My gorgeous bbqing sister

Om nom nom. So good.


I spent lots of time taking glamour shots of my cats.

Delicious dins @ the Spoon & Fork

Yam doesn't get better than this!

Amazing pineapple salad

Okay folksies, I’m off to have a girls night, so I must go pick up Laura Smore’s-a. Hey, that’s a great idea for tonight – Smore’s! Yumm. I love you all, have a wonderful Sunday.

xoxo, S.

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