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May 23, 2010

Pretty lights :)

So, a couple days ago I saw Taylor Swift live at the ACC!

Wowie. I remember years and years ago when I first heard her music, promising my best friends that if she ever came to Toronto, And finally, even though my Taylor mania has slightly died down (at least until her next album), I was still pumped that I got to see her in concert. Amazing!

Taylor is awed by Canada.

First of all: she’s adorable. You can really tell that she’s living her dream and that it’s pretty unbelievable. I did think she paused a bit long sometimes to take in all the applause, but I can’t really blame her. I doubt I’d ever get used to thousands of people screaming my name, especially if I was once just a 13 year old girl playing music for my parents and dreaming of playing huge concerts. She seems really sweet and authentic, and that she’s really loving her life. She’s at such a sweet spot right now: touring with good friends, wearing adorable sparkly dresses in bright purple, blue and silver, and playing/singing songs she wrote every night. That’s ridiculous! Her life is so awesome. Follow her on twitter here to  get more of a feel for what her touring life is like.

The impression she gives is that she has great big hair and a great big heart. At one point in the concert, she went for a costume change, and showed up in one of the entrances to the seating! She played a song there and then went down the aisle hugging fans before playing a mini concert at the back of the stadium. Unfortunately, that entrance was on the opposite side of the arena from us, but the thought was sweet nonetheless.

She played all her best songs – this is the setlist for the Fearless tour:

  1. You Belong With Me [she wore an adorable white band-leader outfit, which later switched to a sparkly sequiny silver dress]
  2. Our Song
  3. Tell Me Why
  4. Teardrops on My Guitar [acted out with bookshelf backdrops and a boy who had to sit at a desk the whole time ;)]
  5. Fearless
  6. Forever and Always
  7. Hey Stephen [she popped up at the other entrance]
  8. Fifteen [played at the back of the stadium]
  9. Tim McGraw
  10. White Horse
  11. Love Story [lots of dancers in Baroque costume, she had a mid-song costume change into a white wedding-ish dress!]
  12. The Way I Loved You [one of my favourite songs – she performed it with two different guys, one badass, one ‘comfortable’ aka boring]
  13. You’re Not Sorry/What Goes Around Comes Around [piano playing in a gorgeous purple dress, JT cover!]
  14. Picture to Burn
  15. Today Was a Fairytale
  16. Should’ve Said No [rain machine!]

The Way I Loved You


You're Not Sorry

The end of Tim McGraw - back onstage!

All in all, it was a really enjoyable concert. We had a clear, unobstructed view even though we were a little far back. She had some dancers and an entertaining back-up band as well as funny videos that she showed during costume changes. Her costumes were all pretty and flattering, and she wore adorable black boots with all of her outfits. Yay Tay! (too much? hm.) It was really fun to go with family & friends – me and each of my sisters brought a friend – and we had a good time. I sang my heart out, maybe shed a tear once, laughed and danced. Thanks Taylor, for a great night. I will continue to be a huge fan!

xoxo, S.


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