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What to Wear, Summer Edition

May 4, 2010

No matter what!

Through the years, I’ve encountered my fair share of fashion disasters and emergencies. Situations where my clothes weren’t appropriate, and ended up making me uncomfortable. To assure you I am not joking, I present to you a photo taken of me on a particularly windy day..on the steps of Buckingham Palace.

The Queen Saw Your Knickers!

Luckily, it’s not so embarrassing that I can’t show just looks like I have a bathing suit on! Thank goodness I wasn’t wearing ugly undies. Ps, the lady behind me is clearly concerned! Anyways, because of that incident, I think I know what I’m talking about when it comes to fashion disasters.. :) Turns out, that whole situation could have been avoided, had I taken more care while getting dressed!

Today I’m going to share three questions to ask yourself while dressing, and my picks for summer outfits for different locales. Maybe with my help, you’ll avoid offending royalty.

Getting Dressed

  1. What am I going to be doing? Sitting? Standing? Are we driving or taking the bus? Your outfit, shoes and accessories should all be altered if you’re going out for dinner versus walking around a city on vacation, for example. Think of your activities and your mode of transportation before putting on those shoes that pinch, or that sweater that is lovely but just not warm enough.
  2. What climate is it there? I am notorious for not paying attention to the weather outdoors. And although normally I get away with it, as we’ve seen above, sometimes it doesn’t work out for me. I’ve learned that the wind, precipitation, and humidity are all very important. They should determine how you dress, do your hair & makeup, and what to pack in your bag. A great resource is The Weather Channel’s Beauty Forecast, which will look at the weather in your location and ensure that you don’t leave the house without essentials. Another great site is your personalized Stylecaster homepage, which will give you personalized outfit ideas depending on the weather in your town.
  3. What’s the dress code? Or not so much ‘code’, but what is the general mood of the destination? This is sometimes tricky, like if you’re going to a matinee viewing of a Broadway show, or a nice restaurant for lunch, or spending time with a strict parent or grandparent. It’s important to not be stifled by so-called restrictions on your style, but it is appropriate to sometimes dress differently for various occasions or people.

What To Wear For..

Day to Night at the Beach

Ah, the joys of long summer days and absolutely no homework. You can spend the entire day out of the house, basking in the sunlight, getting a safe tan and then spend the night wining and dining or walking the boardwalks. Carry a big bag to hold your hairbrush, sunblock and water bottle, and maybe an extra tank if you don’t have time to dry off completely before leaving the beach. If you do, throw on a pair of jeans over your stylish one-piece-suit-turned-shirt, cuddle up in a wrap and go for food! After all, the sun makes you hungry.

Fancy Brunch with Grandma

This is one of those situations where a check on your style might be in order. But not too much! It’s totally still possible to show your style off while keeping conservative enough for, for example, your Grandma. (This is all hypothetical, my grandma is a wild child and sometimes dresses crazier than I do!) Keep it stylish with a conservatively cut dress, but in a great pattern,  and ballet flats & accessories that make your outfit pop. I love the colour of the bag and the sequin detailing on the sweater, which make this outfit so stylish that you won’t feel repressed at all.


Ah, the party. The quintessential hallmark of high school is the summer parties, is it not? Those glorified beer-filled makeout locales, replete with plenty of people you hate and love to gossip about, and a select few that you love dearly. My advice? Wear easy clothes. Clothes that make you look good, but that ultimately you don’t really care that much about OR that can be washed easily. There will inevitably be people who can’t handle their liquor falling over you and spilling their drink on your brand new sundress. Not fun. Wear cotton, dark-ish colours, sturdy sandals and clothes that won’t drag or catch on anything. There’s nothing worse than the dark stickiness of a house party when you’ve lost your purse and your right shoe is wet…

Day Trip

Ooh, summer is the absolute best time to forage out into the world and explore! My favourite things to do include: going to the Zoo, exploring cities, visiting museums, photography days, long drives or just sitting outdoors. And although you want to be wearing comfy, versatile clothes to do your adventuring, you obviously still want to look great! These beautifully loose and comfy-looking shorts, walkable men’s-inspired shoes, a hat to shade you from the sun and a cute t-shirt seem to me like the ideal outfit to walk, run, jump or whatever else needs doing on your explorations.

To Finish Up..

Style is fun, style is great. But sometimes, being stylish takes a little bit of planning! You don’t want to end up with a fashion emergency on your hands, do you? No way. So take the time to really consider what the best possible outfit is, and get inspired to take your outfits to wonderful, summery levels. And share with me: what was your worst fashion disaster? Was it preventable? How do you decide what to wear? What are your favourite things to do in the summer and how do you dress for them??

xoxo, S.

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  1. foodlovingpolarbear permalink
    May 5, 2010 7:38 AM

    Haha, I think my worst fashion mistake was that I bought my closet full of only pink clothes and tought it would suit me all times :D

    I LOVE BBQ’s and hanging out in parks with little something to eat and drink. If the weather here is warm enough I try to wear a dress :)


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