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Culture Shock

May 3, 2010

Happy Monday! Welcome to a brand new week. Here’s to imagination, health and happiness for you this coming week.

Street Performers in London's Covent Gardens

I have decided to start a couple ‘weekly columns’ on my blog, one of which being Culture Shock, a newsletter of sorts, detailing things I find really interesting or awesome. I will always include:

  • An article
  • A band or song
  • A website
  • A movie/video
  • A book
  • News I like

for you to check out. I hope you enjoy!


The Article:

Interview with Neil Pasricha

Photo Thanks to

If you haven’t checked out Neil Pasricha’s website,, you’re missing out. Honestly! I am such a huge fan, I’ve already blogged about my favourite ‘awesome things’ from the website here, but there are so many more, and he just keeps on adding to the list! I read a profile of the man behind the awesome at the Globe and Mail, and it’s very inspiring. Turns out, he’s not so focused on making money from his website (he still has a day job, and turned down advertising offers), he just simply wants to remind the world how many beautiful and inspiring things there are all around us. Please read the interview here, and learn more about this awesome man!

The Band:

The White Panda

Photo Thanks to The Chuckness

Okay, so they’re adorable, right? I thought so too. This duo makes some awesomely catchy mashups that go by names like: Tipsy in the Sun, Praise Outkast, Shake Drop on Video and Throw Some Tik on That Tok (my favourites). Check out their myspace page here and get dancing! :)

The Website:

Project Gutenberg

Photo Thanks to Lin Pernille

If you own an iPod/iPhone/iPad/Kindle/computer and don’t want to pay for ebooks, check out Project Gutenberg here. They specialize in free, classic ebooks. And while they don’t have the selection that iTunes does, their Top 100 list probably includes all those novels you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t found the time.

The Movie:

Blade Runner

An oldie, but definitely a goodie. If you’re into a) film noir, b) Ridley Scott, c) Harrison Ford, d) Daryl Hannah, e) science fiction, f) Chinese culture, g) beautifully shot movies, etc.. then check this film out! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was appropriately on-edge (read: terrified) during the final fight scene with the psychotic robot man. The plot is interesting and Harrison Ford used to be adorable! Who knew.

The Book:

Eat Pray Love

Photo Thanks to

I never got around to reading this book when it came out, but it is on my summer reading list, after seeing the trailer here, and after this past year at university, when I became more and more obsessed with the idea of travelling the world. It’s the true story of one woman’s spiritual journey across the world, making friends and discovering herself along the way. The movie stars Julia Roberts, and she looks so happy and free in all the exotic locales..I just about dropped out of school right then and there to follow in her footsteps. For now though, I’ll just read the book.

News I Like:

Happy News

Photo Thanks to

Built to combat the far-too-many cynics of the world, here is a daily reminder of the news that is happy, optimistic, positive..and often gets lost behind the front page tragedies and scandals. Plenty of interesting and upbeat articles and videos await at HappyNews, like my pick of the week: Doctors Volunteer to See Needy Patients at No Cost. It’s always nice to be reminded that while disasters and terrible events may occur, the world still has plenty of light and happiness to go around. So shut up, you ‘Negative Nancies’, nobody wants your kind around here. :)

Well that’s it for the first installment of Culture Shock. I hope that you enjoyed it! Please comment on any new, interesting, fascinating, awesome and inspiring tidbits of culture that you have happened across lately. I always need inspiration! Have a wonderful start to your week.

xoxo, S.


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