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Check It.

April 21, 2010

Photo Thanks To Elle

Yo. Check it. So I’m sitting in the library, slogging my way through mountains of biology information, and I decide to check my blog. Why? I don’t know, probably because I was bored of reading about PCR and Sanger Sequencing (I’m kidding, those are the coolest things EVER). Anyway, so I sign on, and I just about have a heart attack. I did that thing where you close the window really quickly to take a breather because you’re so floored? Yeah. I had 390 views! On my blog! My tiny little blog in the middle of nowhere! At eleven in the morning!!

And just so you know, it’s eleven at night and I’ve had nearly 3000. I am shocked. When I first saw, I immediately a) texted everyone I knew, b) had an internal dance party and c) print screened the shot of the homepage and sent it to myself, you know, in case I was dreaming. While sending it to myself via email, I finally figured out what was going on. Joy, WordPress Goddess, had emailed me to say that I was promoted to Freshly Pressed! She also told me to keep up the good work..that’ll keep me going for another six years, at least.

And although I have to disappoint tonight and mosey on into bed, I wanted to quickly come on and say thank you. Thank you to all the people who stopped by to say hi, to offer book recommendations and to say kind words about my humble little blog. I am so happy that there was a positive response, and so many of your comments were awesome! I really want to reply to them, they were all so sweet! However, the responses are going to have to wait, since I have three more exams (barfo) and a mother who says studying before blogging (even from hours away, her voice rings LOUD AND CLEAR). Haha, so if I’ve gained any readers today, please hang in there! I promise I’ll respond in a timely(ish) manner.

Oh, and you should also know, that thanks to you, this is how I felt ALL DAY. (At approximately one minute in).


xoxo, Love y’all.



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