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April 15, 2010

Hello my beautiful people. How are you? I haven’t written in quite a few days, and this is for two reasons. The first: it’s exam season. And I’ve been alternating between studying and panicking for the past week. I don’t even have the comfort of having one under my belt yet! My first is on Monday, it’s the hardest and worth the most (90%). Calculus. Luckily, though, in a few short days it will be over and done and I’ll never touch calculus again! Yippee!

The second reason for my lack of writing is that I’ve been putting a lot of thought into a new project: a second blog. I am beginning to want to have a better blog: less personal, more about helping others by passing on the knowledge I have about (mainly) vegetarianism, university life, and budget fashion. I’ve been thinking about opening an In Limbo sister blog! Something more along the lines of Charade or College Fashion. Well, either start a new blog or add more helpful content to this one. I have a lot of knowledge pent up inside my brain that I know I would have loved to know before coming to university or converting to vegetarianism. There is so much I could share with the world, even though I’m not exactly a life expert. I think it would be fun, useful, and more of a creative outlet than this blog, which has gotten to be more of  ‘my life through pictures’ than anything else. I would like to start posting more serious and useful content, so it might be possible for me to just add that to this blog. What do you guys think?

For now, though, let’s stay ‘all about me’. Here’s what I did this week:

1. Burritoville!

Shosh, Zoe and I went out for dinner this week, before Glee. I’d never been to this restaurant before, but it’s veggie and vegan friendly, in case you’re ever in the area! It’s in a little house that has been renovated into an eating area, with a kitchen at the back. When you go in, you order at the front, grab your own cutlery, water jug and glasses, and seat yourself. Then they bring the food when it’s ready. It’s a very cheery little place, everyone is friendly and the walls are painted red and yellow. It’s a good deal too! For nine dollars, I got a hefty sweet potato burrito with guacomole instead of cheese, organic nacho chips and homemade garden salsa. Oh, and in case you were wondering? It was super delish.

2. Spotted on Glee!

Remember how in my last post, I talked about dressing up as Rachel? Little did I know that this week, Rachel would be dressing up as me! I own that little plaid dress, from Forever 21 ladies and gentlemen. I for one know that my male companions for watching the show on Tuesday got more than a little excited when I said I owned it (they think Rachel’s the hottest thing ever). I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so I snapped a picture of myself in it as proof. :)

By the way, what did you guys think of the episode? It might have just been that I watched too many promos, but I was just not impressed! It seemed (nerve-wrackingly) that they were just trying too hard, especially Will. I really hope that after this speed bump, they can get back into the groove of funny, real writing (not cheesy, lame Will-ness) and better songs. The only one I enjoyed (or remember) was the Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye”. It doesn’t reallyyy matter though, because I will love Glee until the ends of its days.

More Glee Trivia:

  • Jessalyn Gilsig (aka the dumb bitch who works at Sheets and Things), graduated from McGill in 1993. I guess she must actually be cool in real life!
  • Check out this guy who is auditioning for a Glee spot. He ‘sings like a big black woman’! He also happens to go to McGill. If you check out his audition though, you can see all the other people singing. Who do you think will end up on the show?! It’s so exciting.

3. Mad Men

Against my better judgement, I got myself hooked on yet another television show. Thanks Dan! Jeez..Anyways, I’ve only watched three episodes so far, but I already recommend it if you like the following: funny scenes depicting ‘how far we’ve come since then’ (pregnant ladies smoking and drinking, children running around with bags over their heads, fear of seeing a mental health professional), 1960’s fashion, or stylish people and their drama. It’s also a very gorgeously filmed show, lots of attention to detail and a lot of lovely looking scenes. It centers around one man, Don Draper, who is a bigwig advertising executive. The show is about his firm and his home life, two very distinct entities. I really like it so far, check it out here!

4. Such Tweet Sorrow

The above still is from one of my favourite movies, Baz Luhrman’s “Romeo and Juliet”. The movie is one of several interpretations of the classic story that have happened over the years, but nothing has been quite like the newest version, being done through…TWITTER! Crazy, right? It’s called a virtual play, and it’s being put on by Mudlark and the Royal Shakespeare Company of Great Britain. How it works is this: there are six characters, who you can follow on twitter, who tweet the story out. They have pre-written story-lines, but they are responsible for the content of the tweets, and are meant to write as if they are the character, based on a backstory provided for them. It’s the most modern Romeo and Juliet story yet. It will be going on for five weeks, and only started on Saturday so you still have plenty of time to follow up on it. Click here to read more about the project and click here to read the story so far! Ps, thanks to Daddy for showing it to me. :)

Unfortunately I haven’t been up to much else. Like I said, studying has consumed me. Get ready for the potentially new blog (or new blog content) though, which I have been brainstorming for and already have many wonderful posts planned out. :)

Have a great day and good luck with your exams!

xoxo, S.

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