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Clever Cupcakes

April 4, 2010

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you are all out and about, enjoying the nice weather. I am, through my wide open windows and the short walk between my residence and the caf. Boohoo, I’m stuck inside all day studying for my looming exams. I did go work at a nearby café yesterday, and that was really nice. So many people walking the streets after dinner. There was a group of three older people who were chatting the whole time, and at one point they burst into really contagious laughter…so of course me and my friends laughed too. It was just really nice and feel good. I love summer! I’m nostalgic for driving around with the windows open, listening to silly music with my best friends, and buying tons of sour keys and sprite at 7-Eleven, and turning up at house parties. Fun times, I can’t wait for school to be out.

I had a wonderful surprise this morning! So wonderful. I get a suspicious text from my mom, saying Happy Early Birthday! And that I’d understand why soon. Naturally, I was curious, and me and Shosh had a brainstorming sesh about what this surprise could be! After all, there’s no post on Sundays. Anyways, I returned to my room. Just at that moment, I heard a knock at the door. A voice said “I have a delivery for you.” I thought it might be Shosh, joking around, so I was sort of unprepared when a woman in a ‘Clever Cupcakes’ shirt was standing there.

So I took the box from her. She said:”I think it’s from your mother” and promptly walked away. I’m still not sure how on earth she got into the building, but whatever! So, I decided to open it!

And what did I find? But beautiful cupcakes!!

My mommy is the sweetest woman in the whole world! She had called up this company to make personalized cupcakes for my birthday cake, since she couldn’t make one for me this year. The cake is red velvet cake (a total fave) with cream cheese icing! Omnomnomnomnom. She told them some of my interests, and they made some special ones, just for me. :)

A McGill Cupcake!

A piggie cupcake!

A Moleskine/book cupcake!!

A fashion cupcake! Chanel, Fendi, Gucci (hmm..) and Givenchy. No Dior or Burberry, but I’m definitely not complaining!

And a musical cupcake! :)

And one with my name on it. The rest of them are decorated with swirls of icing and little multi-coloured stars. :)

The company Clever Cupcakes, is quite amazing. The cupcakes also come with balloons and candles! :) We blew up the balloons immediately, and they are now lying around my room, festively. I went on the company’s website after to check them out, and have established that for my wedding I’m having a cupcake tier. It’s settled. They also have galleries of pictures of past cupcakes, they’re AMAZING. Go look!

My birthday this year is already amazing, I can’t think of anything better. It was surprising, thoughtful and sweet. I love my mommy! I wish I was home for my birthday, but it’s okay because I have beautiful (and delicious) cupcakes to remind me that I’m loved. I miss my family a lot, they were all together tonight for dinner, my sister bbm’d me with all their questions and wishes, so it was like I was there. I’m such a family gal, I’ve realized that since going away to school. My family is such a huge part of who I am, and I love them to pieces.

Please forgive me if there are any spelling mistakes: I’m exhausted. I didn’t go out last night, kind of by accident. And so, also by accident, I ended up staying up until 4 am watching Titanic with three of my guy friends. Wait, what? Yeah, I know. We didn’t cry, but we got awful tense. There was a lively commentary going on from Brendan, worried silence from Dan and the occasional funny comment from Ben. It was funny. It was a really funny night.

Anyways, I’m off to eat cupcakes that my floor fellow made, and socialize. Later on tonight we’re watching Coco Avant Chanel, I’m so excited! :)

xoxo, Steph.


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