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Balle Balle Bollywood!

April 2, 2010

SO, yesterday we ventured into one of the single-most hyped clubs in Montreal, The Time Supper Club. Hyped, as in rumours of 1000$ tables, delicious meals and ridiculous bottle service. We were there for an event, so we figured that 15$ was a small price to pay for entrance into such an amazing club, plus it was going to charity, plus there was a fashion show, plus the DJ was supposed to be good. So why not?!

First of all, let me say that we had a ridiculously fun time. I’m giggling now just thinking about it. We danced on the multi-coloured-lit runway, watched the fashion shows, listened to some fairly bad singing, watched some awesome dancing, and then danced all night to a really good DJ. I also found myself very inspired by some of the clothes: so colourful, so many beautiful patterns, so flowy and pretty. In keeping with the theme, I wore a sari-like dress that I picked up from the CNE a couple years ago. It’s a multi-layered, multi-coloured, silky, flowy little number that ties in a 100 different ways (well, apparently). I tied it, one shoulder-style, topped it with my white bolero-style jacket, put on my neon yellow pumps (I’m not kidding, they literally GLOW) and packed flipflops in my bag, for the walk home. Yeah, I’m awesome. Here’s a photo!

And here’s a photo of my beautiful friends and I at the event:

And a few of the event itself:

All in all, it was a very fun night. I must say, though, that we were a bit disappointed in the club itself. I mean, it was very nice an all, but for all the hype, it was much smaller than we thought it would be, and the tables weren’t that nice! We concluded that we would never come on a normal night, only if there was some sort of event going on. It was still lovely though, beautiful chandeliers and a nice bar. I would have to say that the best part would probably have to be dancing on the runway and lounging on the couches. And being Woo Girls for most of the night. Fun fun fun.

Today, it’s so ridiculously gorgeous out. I have my windows wide open, listening to She & Him (Volume 2 is awesome, go get it immediately!!) and the sounds of boys playing football. This is not the kind of day you want to do homework on..

I have plans later to not have plans, but sit outside and do nothing. Why make it complicated?

xoxo, S.

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