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March 29, 2010

Have notebooks gone out of style? I’m not talking about notebooks for school, or your agenda (assuming you use a paper agenda and not your computer). I’m talking about plain and simple notebooks, to carry around with you, to record ideas, to remember things. I certainly hope not! I love using a notebook, writing things down by hand. Here is why I think you should try using one too!

1. Technology. Of course I love it, but sometimes it gives me issues. For example, the syncing between my Blackberry and my Mac never seems to do what I want it to. The calendar function gets screwy, it puts in multiples of to-do list entries, I get confused and throw my hands up in a rage. Sometimes I also yell at my printer, but that’s different, the poor thing is at least good with working with others. My point is, maybe I’m just lazy, but I don’t feel like sifting through the problems that so frequently arise when I try to sync notes. So, I use a notebook instead. It’s more practical anyways: what if I don’t have my computer, my phone dies, etc. It’s much easier to have all my things to remember in one compact form that doesn’t require loading, starting up or syncing with anything. It’s just all there.

2. Comfort. There’s something very soothing for me about writing things down, seeing everything nicely laid out on the page, feeling a pen in my hand and seeing the pages fill up. I write in my journal every night before I go to sleep (yes, even when I’ve stumbled home at 3:30 am and want nothing more than to pass out) and it gives me so much comfort. I forget the small things that go on day to day, but since I journal about them I am able to give myself messages from the past!! Yes! It’s true. Sometimes I read over past entries and they’re exactly what I need to hear. It’s like I’m my own therapist! I’ve been journal-ling since the beginning of university, and I know these books are going to be so fun and interesting to read when I’m older.

3. Fun. I won’t lie. I have fun with it. I guess I look mysterious sometimes, scribbling things down like it’s my job, sitting pensively with a pen in my hand.  A lot of people have asked me what I write, and I’ll lay out the details of my personal style of notebook in a second, but mostly my notebook is for collecting oodles of ideas. Ideas, ideas, ideas. I make lots of lists! I like to be creative, so I brainstorm a lot. It’s really fun to just write things down. Seriously, try it!

My Notebook

I use different types of notebooks. For my journals, I use ecojot notebooks.

They’re nice and fat, with big spiral rings and cutesy folk-art-like patterns on the covers. The one shown above is the first one I filled up, and the one I’m using now is so adorable, it has pictures of moose, fish, birds and bears on the front. I love it. :) It’s a Canadian company that only uses 100% recycled paper. They’re a really awesome company, check them out here.

For my day-to-day notebooks, I use Moleskine. Okay, I know, this is likely because I am just a “really white person”, but I can’t help it! Don’t judge me! I just am the way I am and that’s that and shut up. :( They’re so nice though. The notebooks are sturdy, resilient, have an elastic to hold them shut, have pages that (don’t laugh) are really smooth and nice to write on. And guess what people? They just LOOK good. They’re pretty. They’re customizable, come in a bunch of different varieties, and come with a ready-made group of people who are willing to talk about them all day long! Don’t believe me? Head over to Moleskinerie, which is a community of people who swear by these notebooks. Not to mention the fact that they were the same brand used by Hemingway and Picasso ;)

I have it set up in a way that works for me. I have four sections: Lists, Ideas, Quotes/Information, and Reference. I numbered all the pages and made a little index at the beginning, and tabbed out the sections with stickies. I have an address book in the back pocket, along with some index cards and extra stickies. I use a Staedtler cool roller when I want it to be especially pretty, or normally just a Bic fineliner. I love my notebook. I bring it everywhere, literally. I would be really upset if I lost it.

I know, I know, I’m a giant loser. Whatever. :) I fit in over at Moleskinerie! They’re all passionate nerds too.

xoxo, Steph.


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