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March 28, 2010

Yesterday evening, me and my girls decided to take a casual Spring stroll after dinner, down into Chinatown. We were hoping to check out that elusive karaoke/billiards/green tea ice cream/bubble tea/arcade/bar place that I’ve mentioned a couple times now, but haven’t actually been to yet.

My friend Adrienne is hoping to have her and her boyfriend’s birthday party there. Unfortunately, our spring stroll was not very springlike, and ended up not being much of a stroll either. For some reason, yesterday Montreal decided to get very cold again! After 2+ weeks of positively gorgeous weather! Damn. We all had to wear our winter jackets again, it was ridiculous. Luckily, the place was worth it. It’s quite industrial looking (aka grey walls) but still pleasant, it just kind of looks like a space ship. They have a gigantic menu, with 20 different types of bubble tea, tons of food, ice cream (omnom), bottle service, desserts, etc. Plus all the other things I named before. The best part? We broke into one of the private karaoke rooms in the back, and it was so. sick. It had a huge plasma screen, big couches, a disco ball, and a binder thicker than my leg full of their selection of songs. They have everything and I am not kidding. We didn’t karaoke, just drank our bubble tea (I don’t like it usually, because I’m big on textures and hate the bubbles, but the tea itself is good) and I ate my yummy chocolate ice cream. They were out of green tea flavour! Both the coconut and taro teas were nummy. I’m very excited to go back for karaoke.

We also explored a little looking for Pad Thai for Lindsay and found a little pedestrian street with lots of cool restaurants. When it’s warmer out, I think we’ll be exploring down there way more.

Hmm, I’ve been thinking about what I should do for my birthday! It’s coming up so soon. I’m thinking a dinner with close friends and then going out somewhere. :)

xoxo, S.

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