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March 16, 2010

Yawn. Good morning. I just woke up from a lovely nap. Well, most of it was lovely. I also had a terrible dream about being a girl living in Nazi-occupied Germany who was running away from something and ended up at a baseball practice of an all boys team with one girl who the coaches did nasty things to and we had to hide from the coaches cause me and my best friend were girls, obvi! So then the nice team doctor (it was Little League, but I guess it’s best to be prepared?) saved us in his car! Which mysteriously had no driver..huh. Well anyways it was one of those dreams you are ridiculously happy to wake up from. It was scary! Now I have a box full of doughnuts on my desk and I am attempting to convince myself not to eat one. I am losing.

Damn it, I just opened the box! Now the smell is hitting me and I’m really losing! I don’t know if anyone here watches Gossip Girl (what can I say, haters, I love fancy clothes, sexy people having sexytimes and New York, so sue me) but HOW GOOD WAS LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE. I watched it this afternoon curled up in bed, and just about had a Tivorgasm, gah! Like four different instances, au moins, of sexyness. Holla!

I have a biology midterm on Thursday, and then as I’ve already mentioned Laura is coming to visit for the weekend! I’m so excited. She’s so excited. Only downfall: carting a mattress upstairs. May ask Nitai for his mattress cover instead, which is like a mattress but conveniently rolls up. Aha! Good idea Stephanie.

Erm, so yeah, not much else to reporto today, except that I forgot to post pictures of what I wore yesterday which is fun! :)

Wearing Delia’s jeans, F21 blouse, Christian Dior scarf, vintage brogues, F21 sunglasses,  now reading the above book! Very funny so far. :)

Don’t ask me where a girl like me got a Christian Dior silk scarf. I HAVE NO IDEA. I literally found it in my drawer one day, I don’t remember what day. I think it might have been my Grandmother’s? Maybe she has some Chanel lying around? We’ll see next time I’m over. That book, whose title is very long, is quite hilarious! Check it out for a quick sweep of all of philosophy’s major subjects, explained through jokes. :) They also have other books, here and here.

I’d also like to take this moment to welcome my friend Jenn to WordPress! She moved over from Tumblr to write a series on life as a vegetarian, and I hope she’ll like it here. As much as I love Tumblr, WordPress has tons of cool features that make it so easy for me to blog. Good luck with your series Jenn, I am looking forward to the first installment tons! Check out her blog now for a short teaser blurb. :)

Nothing else to report except for that I ate a granola bar instead of the doughnut. Rawr. I may still eat the doughnut..It would not be my first today.

xoxo, go out and play around on the fields free of snow! Not that I will, but if you’re inclined that way, you should!

Steph :)

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  1. March 16, 2010 4:58 PM

    that book sounds like a good read

  2. March 17, 2010 10:41 PM

    Hey! So I just saw this today! You’re so sweet for giving me a shout out. Can I say that I LOVE your shoes? LOVE LOVE! I also love Gossip Girl but I haven’t seen this week’s episode! Can’t wait!

    ps. Bad dreams are really frightening. I always have the weirdest ones during naps. No clue why that is :-/

    Also, I really like WordPress but I’m still trying to figure things out! Haha

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