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March 8, 2010

So I have a piece of news. Yesterday, me and my very best friend Laura decided to embark on something very special.

Hold on, I can’t talk about it until I tell you what is going on right now. Spring is going on. It is gorgeous, to the max. Incredible! I can’t even believe it. As I type this, I am sitting, winter-jacket-less, on the steps of the Redpath Museum in a beautiful, sunny, warm, breezy, downtown Montreal that is more amazing than I remembered from last summer. Amazing. The field is still snow-stained, but with this weather it’s easy to picture the day (not too far away now) when it will be snow-free; people taking naps on ‘the Beach’, frisbee throwing and the like. I did it! We made it through the Montreal winter! I’ll tell you, yes it is cold. Yes, your face feels like it’s going to peel off your bones and fly away. Yes, it sucks. But not all the time! Sometimes it’s okay. I guess it’s like giving birth (not that I know): once you’re through it, you forget how bad it really was. I made it through! My black jeans are almost uncomfortably warm, if you can believe it! I’m so ridiculously happy.

Back to business. Me and Laura decided to embark upon an adventure, in July. She probably doesn’t realize how serious I am about this, but since she agreed, she’s in it for good and I am going to be quite persistent and stubborn. Sorry La. :) Anyways, the name of our adventure is Novel Writing Month. Usually, it occurs in November, but since we doubt we could be committed to writing a novel during the school year, I have hereby nominated July, since it is smack dab in the middle of our summer, just as we might possibly be getting bored, has 31 days (an extra muahaha), and is a solidly summery month, meaning we can draw inspiration by writing outside. The rules are simple, if you aren’t familiar with them. Basically: write a novel in a month. You can read the faqs here. Obviously, since we choose to not participate in the official event, it will be more difficult, and we’ll have less of a community. But my plan is to create an event of it with our friends from university and home, and see if we can create our own community! They count a novel as 50,000 words. I won’t think about how many words that is a day, because I don’t want to freak myself out. I’m so excited! If any of my readers want to participate in our little nowrimo, let me know and I’ll send more details as the date approaches. Yay! How exciting.

That’s all for now, I’m just going to sit here, listening to Gabe Bondoc and the Wicked soundtrack (and try my best not to burst out into song) and relish the sunlight. I read that to reset your internal clocks you’re supposed to get at least 1/2 an hour of uninterrupted sunlight a day. I plan on it.

Love love love love spring.

xoxo, S.

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  1. Laura permalink
    March 8, 2010 3:43 PM

    July sounds good :)

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