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March 5, 2010

Hello all! I have missed you terribly! I am sorry to have not posted since Sunday, but I had a busy week. Not just busy, but uninspiring for the most part,  because of my chemistry midterm. Well, that’s passed now, and it went well, so Monday-Wednesday will be overlooked, all I did was study.

Today, on the other hand I have been feeling wickedly awesome. I came the closest I have in months to not wearing a jacket: I wore a pouffy vest, hoodie and big scarf. It worked well! I was a little chilly at the end of the day, but mostly so spring-like and beautiful. I wanted to spend my entire day outside in the sun, but unfortunately it was actually just slightly too cold to sit outside in the sun. So I did the opposite! I went to the library and sat directly in a patch of sunlight for the afternoon. Sure, it was hard to squint at my computer screen for three hours, and yes, I was worried about the strange tan lines I might get (!), but I roughed it in the name of Spring.

Yesterday, too, was a nice day. I did a little shopping at the bookstore. It was wonderful. Whenever I’m feeling low, all I have to do is frequent a bookstore and I feel immediately better. :) I splurged though, buying Vogue, a pack of three Moleskine notebooks, ‘Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar: Understanding Philosophy through Jokes” (yayyyyyy), and a couple nice black pens that write very smoothly. And I borrowed Jonathan Safran Foer’s book ‘Eating Animals’ from my friend Adrienne, so collected all together, here are the things I am extremely excited about!

Exciting! :)

Here’s what else I’ve been excited about lately.

  • Fall RTW shows on So far, I love Dior the best.
  • “Cry Me a River” by Michael Bublé. The opening section is so intense, and no, it is not a JT cover.
  • “Wicked”, the musical. No explanation necessary, I just can’t live without it.
  • This preposterous article by Gil Lebreton for the Star Telegram where he compares the recent Vancouver Olympics to the 1936 Olympics in Nazi-controlled Germany. Listen to this podcast from the Dean Blundell Show, where they explain quite fully, if you don’t feel like reading. (Note that I am excited by this, but not in a good way)
  • My new menswear inspired shoes, courtesy of my mother. They look so badass (I personally think) with my cuffed jeans, and we are now inseparable!
  • Vimeo! I am currently editing a video of our excursion last weekend to Nuit Blanche Montreal. I’ll post it on vimeo, and facebook when I’m done :)
  • The New York Times Reader 2.0. Except my bubble was burst when this morning, I realized that most of the articles are locked, and you can only use them if you pay for a subscription. Nevertheless, it excited me at the time, and if you want you can still see the headline articles, news in pictures and the crossword.
  • Alice in Wonderland. Just look at the trailers and featurette, the beautiful costumes and locations. It’s gorgeous and creative and we’re going to see it tonight! We have tickets, the show is at 6:40, it’s going to be grand.

That’s all for now my dearie dears. I love you immeasurably.

xoxo, S.

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