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Alice in Wonderland

March 5, 2010

Hello hello hello. Guess what? I went to see Alice in Wonderland and I certainly recommend that you go see it too!

The costumes, to begin with, were beautiful. Gorgeous. It was particularly fun to watch Alice’s dress change every time she changed sizes, all of her outfits were so beautiful. And the Mad Hatter’s hat was superb. So detailed! My favourite aspect of the film was the beauty of it: the costumes, the settings (some beautiful, and other beautifully decrepit) and the animation. Even that was very well done, since most of the characters in the movie were animated. The Cheshire Cat would definitely have to be my favourite animated character, after, of course, the Red Queen. Her head was just something else.

And then there was the acting. Johnny Depp was incredible, and very mad. He put on a Scottish accent, got them crazy eyes, and even danced a bit of a jig. But I won’t say anything more on the jig, except for DO NO go to the bathroom during that scene, you can’t miss it! He transformed himself, once again into a superbly crafted character that was utterly believable and so impressive, it fully demonstrated his talent. Of course, then we have Helena Bonham Carter who, for me, struck the perfect balance between being deliciously evil and slightly human. In fact, her character surprised me for its humanity, I was expecting not such a complex character for a children’s movie. And she is SO funny. I just love her. And then there’s Anne Hathaway, who I normally don’t really like, but I actually enjoyed her in this performance, she had an interesting character and acted it well.

And then there’s Mia Wasikowsa, the new girl in town. I loved her. I loved her! She was nothing like I was expecting her to be. She was adorable and strong and smart and philosophical and quiet and passionate, all at the same time. She was real and she was human. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance, and I look forward to seeing her act in the future.

There were fantastical creatures, beautiful scenery, wonderful characters, action and fun. It was Tim Burton’s vision of Alice in Wonderland, and, as usual, the man has pulled it off. I think the movie was very enjoyable, although some of my companions were not as thrilled about it as I was. But that doesn’t matter, go check and see for yourself!

My favourite lines:

“Have I gone mad?”

“Yes, I’m afraid. Completely bonkers. But let me tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

Oh, spot on.

Off to read now, my little lovelies.

xoxo, Steph

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