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A Proud Canadian

March 1, 2010

Watching the game this afternoon confirmed something huge that has been gathering in the pit of my stomach these past two weeks: I am in love with Canada.

Which is quite annoying because in my angsty early teen years I loathed Canada and swore to live in many other, better, foreign-er and more exotic places. But guess what. I got courted, and impressed and swooned. I am head over heels for you Canada. You are beautiful, and classy and world-class. Plus ‘hockey-jock’ is my type.

Biting my nails down to the wick, not really knowing what I would even do if we didn’t win, my heart racing, my breathing stopping: I had all the symptoms of a girl in love! It’s wonderful.

I’m so proud of Canada, to be a Canadian. Although I think we have better talent than Nickelback and Simple Plan, but hey. I’m not organizing the closing ceremonies. And if I was, I doubt I could do a better job than the Vancouver 2010 organizers. Except for the giant beavers, which I hated,  I loved the ceremonies. Especially our show of humour and down-to-earthness with the mime fixing the torch. That was cute :).

Other highlights: Joannie Rochette’s short program, Alex Bilodeau’s mogul run, Babcock wearing his McGill tie, us getting the most gold medals EVER, all the nail biting hockey games, aerials, men’s speed skating, and basically everything else since my mother is a giant Olympic nut and I love her for it.

Thanks Canada for a wonderful couple weeks, for being outstanding. I love you!

xoxo, S.

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