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Chez Claudette

February 22, 2010

For my friend Adrienne’s writing assignment: to cover and review as many 24-hour breakfast joints in the McGill University area (area being a flexible term, depending on the laziness of the student) she asked me to come along to a few and take some pictures for her article. I ended up going to one place. Oops.

It was a lovely one place, though. Pop-culture icon ‘Last Supper’ on the wall, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ playing in French on the tv, Claudette herself walking around assessing the coffee levels of the various regular customers. It’s a small place, on Laurier street just before St-Denis, a corner space with a skinny area in front of the open kitchen as you walk in, and a bigger space with some longer tables in the back. We went early (again, by our standards) and there were only a few other customers. On our menus? Everything from a ham and cheese omelette, to poutine and a breakfast burger, to a club sandwich, or of course the regular large size breakfast that comes with everything (but French toast instead of regular toast! Go figure..). Our waitress spoke little English and we spoke little French, drinking coffee and orange juice and water in the sunlight. It was, on the whole, enjoyable, topped off and set apart in our minds because of our posed picture with Claudette herself! A success!

Here are some of my breakfast shots, enjoy and please don’t drool on your computers. :)

That last one is le pudding chomeur, which tastes a good deal like sticky toffee pudding and is DELICIOUS. Yum yum. It’s eleven at night and all I feel like doing is eating breakfast!

I’m off to read now, I’m partway through my third book in three days and it feels good. I’m reading Nickel and Dimed, which if you don’t know is the account of a bit of a social experiment that the author, Barbara Ehrenreich, conducted by working at entry-level jobs and experiencing a bit of what some of the people in that lifestyle feel every day. I’m only partway in and terrified of waitressing, especially in Florida, but hey. We’ll see what my book count will be by the end of the week. Tomorrow, though, is a bit of a homework day. My family is out all day and I’ll be left alone, a few hours to myself. And I must spend them reviewing calculus, finishing my physics lab report and studying for chemistry!

Today all I did was research possible major/minors and make collages of magazine cutouts as a fashion inspiration board. It’s lovely to look at but not very productive. Maybe as a treat to myself tomorrow after doing homework, I’ll bake! Yummm.

Love y’all.

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  1. Laura J permalink
    March 1, 2010 12:15 AM

    I am drooling, it looks so yummy and I’m huuuungry. I’m off to a midnight trip to Kettleman’s, a 24-hour restaurant that makes delicious homemade montreal bagels to satisfy my craving for quality food.

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