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Well Then

February 8, 2010

I’m sort of in a mood, and I don’t feel like writing. But I definitely feel like posting. So here’s my happy medium for you. I’ll repost a Facebook note that I wrote last March: that 25 things one. It’s not anything newly written, which feels kind of cheap, but please deal with it because I really don’t feel like putting any real effort in at the moment. Enjoy! (ps. most of it is still true.)

Well..everyone else was doing it. So now I will inform you of twenty five things about myself that no one knows/are interesting/come to my mind sporadically. :) Let’s begin.

1. If you come to spend a little while at my house at peak times of the day/evening, you will notice an abnormal amount of RINGING. We have five individual telephones, two phone lines and a fax machine. And since my mom gets tons of faxes from her clients, the phone literally rings every five minutes. It can get annoying.

2. I think that the smell receptors in my nose are a little messed up. I think this because everytime I smell my dogs feet (or am near enough to smell them lmao) I invariably smell popcorn. Another example: I have a terrific mint bodywash that I adore, but both my sisters think it stinks..I think my nose may be wired wrong.

3. Me and my two sisters could not be more different. Together, we make up the three teenage stereotypes: B is dark and reclusive, L is perky and preppy, and I..well I’m not sure what I am. But it leads to some colourful dinner conversation.

4. I love to look at other people’s clothes. I adore The Sartorialist and lookbook and check them multi times daily. Other people inspire me more than anything else.

5. I love to make small talk with small business owners, waiters, shop clerks and salespeople. I like to become their friends. This is also kind of odd, considering that I am scared stiff of calling strangers on the phone or asking fast-food attendants, receptionists, etc for things. I’m not sure where the difference is.

6. I grew up thinking that I couldn’t do a single pushup. But then due to the wonders of sleep deprivation and adrenaline, this summer I performed a total of 39 pushups in a row for the L&V pushup competition. I shocked myself!

7. I am obsessed with Wiifit. Especially the yoga. It is stellar. My trainers name is Brad.

8. Everytime I log onto my computer, I take a picture on Photobooth. I am loosely trying to do that thing where that guy took a picture of himself every day for a year and observed what changed. But really, I just get sort of carried away and take two or three.

9. My favourite foods include: anything texmex, Skittles, new! Fruit-to-go fruit and veggie snacks, ketchup chips, guacomole, pie, honey crisp apples, cashews, bread (mmm), vanilla soy milk, pumpkin-cranberry bread, shrimp! I have a gigantic sweet tooth.

10. I am terrible, absolutely terrible at mental math. Embarassingly so.

11. I take extreme and unashamed advantage of the public library website. I put all sorts of movies and books on hold and then go in and pick them up under my name in like two minutes! It is terrific. I feel bad for the library staff though because half the time I forget to go in and pick them up and then I’ve wasted their time. SORRY! :)

12. My latest favourite music over the past month or so is selected songs from the Slumdog soundtrack. I enjoy dancing around to all of the songs in my room. Bollywood style.

13. My sister and I have a nasty tradition of watching crap tv together. Latest favourites: Double Shot at Love (with the icky twins) and G’s to Gents. It’s so bad because I walk in and immediately hate it, but she makes me stay, and then you fall in love with the characters and it’s all downhill from there.

14. I love love love to read. When I work, I just kind of patrol the shelves looking for stuff to read. I currently have a large pile of books I want to read but will probably never get around to. (example: I own The Origin of Species. I bought it. Yeah. Not going to read it..) And yet I keep buying/borrowing more. Bleh. I also label them in order of future reading. But sometimes I mix it up. Yes, I have a system.

15. I adore playing the piano and my guitar, and I wish I was better. I always mean to practice, and then I forget and it’s terrible really.

16. I am obsessed with sticky notes. No joke. You should see my bedroom. Actually, you shouldn’t because I’m embarrassed about the number of sticky notes on every available surface. Reminders, yes, but also motivational nonsense and hilarious things like “Pick up your guitar today!!” (in reference to #15..)

17. I love CD’s. I don’t care that I have an iPod and most of my music is digital, there’s still nothing like opening a CD, looking at the booklet (yay pictures) and listening to it straight through the first time.

18. I cry often. Quite frequently actually. Like middle-aged woman style. At episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

19. I love love love fruit. Clementines, apples, pineapple, raspberries..all fruit rocks. Ps. I think tomatoes count as fruit and I adore tomatoes. Especially baby ones. We have a baby tomato plant in our backyard and in summer it gives so many you can just sit there and eat them. Not that I do.

20. I am obsessed with trailers. Actually most of my friends are too. It’s crazyness. It’s most of why we ever go to the theatres. To see the trailers. I lurk them online. I just love them. And they’re almost always (90% of the time) better than the movie.

21. I’m moody. A person of extremes. Mercurial.. Just ask Mike. It can sometimes cause some drama drama. But I’m mostly a happy person! I think.

22. Sometimes I like to memorize raps. Bon Qui Qui, Eminem, Drive Thru Rap, Tetris. I do it all! Love that rap business.

23. Listen up folks. Don’t let Vince fool you. The ShamWOW is not a miracle. I promise. As a joke gift, my mom got us shamWOWs for Christmas. Many of them. Actually, just to be sure, I think I’ll conduct some experiments with it this weekend. But from experience, the commercial is better. :)

24. I’m a klutz and a slob. I spill on my clothes, I trip over nothing, I fall down the main stairs of the school..that was a bad day. Sometimes I can keep it together. but not always. One memorable moment: walking down Queen St, a male model was standing in the MAC window getting painted. He was hot. I fell over a vespa. He laughed in my face. End of story.

25. No matter what I put, it will be disappointing since this is the LAST ONE and it has to be good. So I won’t put anything. Oh. Perhaps I will say this: I overthink things constantly.


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