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Happy Thursday

February 4, 2010

Good morning my loves, I’ve been a few days in posting. My sincerest apologies to Billy, who happens to be my blog’s biggest fan. :) I’d also like to take a second to welcome one of my best friends to the blogosphere. I’ve been going to school with Kyle since I was in the first grade, and I love him with all of my heart. If’ you’re into hockey or metrosexual men, check out his blog here: Kovalchuk and Kyle.

In other news, I got a wicked grade on my chemistry midterm I had last night. In an act of sheer humanity, our professor posted all the answer keys to each of the versions online minutes after the exam. If you were as lucky as I am to have a memory of steel for test answers, you already know your grade. I am very pleased with myself. I am starting to learn how much I need to study and when to start, also. In the last couple days before the exam I felt a little more relaxed than some people around me, and started worrying that I should be studying more. But it turns out that I studied the exact right amount to still get a very respectable grade. It’s a relief that I can trust my judgement.

Question for you: are you going to see either Dear John or Valentine’s Day? These movies must be goldmines to the studios, because who don’t you market towards? Everyone loves love, and those that don’t are simply pining to be in love. Exhibit A: Me. So I know that I already have plans to watch Dear John in theatres this Friday, and probably watch Valentine’s Day on my bed eating chocolate ice cream in the near future. I’m a giant sap, whatever. (For future reference, if you watch the trailer for Valentine’s Day, I’m Jessica Biel. Sometimes. Only not a total goddess.) I’ve decided something important though. And please pay attention, because this really is important.

Never settle.

Never apologize.

Do you understand me! I’m serious now. I am begging you to not lower your standards, chase boys around fruitlessly, obsess over stupid things that are actually nothing but your friends love you too much to break your heart and tell you. You’re beautiful, and awesome, and funny, and perfect for somebody. So yeah, you might have a chance with some sub-par boy/girl, or maybe just one that isn’t quite right for you, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it. Especially not if it’s just the loneliness deciding. I had this extreme revelation this morning while making my bed. It’s very important and I don’t want any of you selling yourselves short, you hear?

In Other Other News

  • I have a few invites left on Google Wave, but it’s kind of lonely in there, so if you want one, let me know!
  • Laura let me in on a really great landscape and nature photographer, Dominic Kamp. Check him out.
  • Newest obsession: getting design ideas for next year when I can decorate my own apartment! Apartment Therapy has really awesome house tours of the most adorable places.
  • I’m helping my friend Adrienne out with a piece she’s writing on awesome, greasy spoon, 24 hour breakfast joints. I’m going to act as her photographer whenever I can. Stay tuned for my shots and maybe a link to the online piece!
  • If you haven’t gone, GO. Witness the amazing, phenomenal, intelligent and deserving Oscar Nominations. Then watch as many of those bad boys as you can before March 7. That’s the dream.
  • Choose one of these to sign up for, and sign up! They’re all awesome. Twitter, Evernote, StumbleUpon, Delicious, MindMeister.
  • Check out this new MTV Show: The Buried Life. It’s about four (really cute) guys who drive around in a purple bus and try to cross things like ‘Ask out Megan Fox’ and ‘Party at Playboy’ off their life lists. They also help strangers do things off their lists. It’s a feel good, funny, sexy show.
  • Eat some pickles
  • Listen to some Lady Gaga
  • Make music, love, dancing or conversation.

I love you all. Have a wonderful day.

xoxo, Steph

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