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Dear Future Lover

January 31, 2010

“And I promise you kid, that I’ll give so much more than I get..I just haven’t met you yet.”

Thanks for that inspirational quote Michael Bublé, it’s exactly the tone I want this post to have. Here’s my best shot at an open letter to my future soulmate. Or does it work like that? Maybe it’s not a future soulmate per se, I suppose they’re already my soulmate, and I just haven’t met them yet. Ahh, I see where he was going with that. Kay.

Dear you,

How’s it going. Hope your life is going well. Obviously it’s not, because we haven’t met each other yet, but since I only want the best for you, I can hope. Soo, what are you up to? Doing things that will one day become stories to tell me as we fall in love, I bet. I wonder what such things are. Are you a sporty guy? Maybe a nerd. I kinda like nerds. Maybe you’re a big drinker, total womanizer. Maybe it’s my destiny to tame you! Huh. Well it doesn’t really matter what you are, does it? Cause we’re soul mates anyways so, I mean, there’s no escaping whatever you are, is there?

But that’s cool. Whatever you are, that’s cool. Lemme let you in on why I’m writing: I would like to meet you already. Yeah. I would. I’m lonely, and I want you here tonight to fall asleep with. I might be having a lazy-comfy night, meaning I’m just wearing my Dad’s old clothes (okay who am I kidding, that’s every night), but regardless I know you don’t care. It’s just one of those nights that I wish I had you in my life, soul mate. It’s like when you come home and you just want to fall down on the floor and cry, or when you don’t even really need to talk about anything in particular but you need someone there to talk to that’s not your mom, or when you feel like doing something couply, like picnics or scenic walks up snowy mountains. You gotta have someone there for that. And who better than you, soul mate? Ah, that’s right. Nobody.

So, I’m guessing you might be lonely also. But then again, maybe not. Maybe you’re getting laid. That would suck. Yeah that would suck a lot. I mean come on, my soul mate is getting laid and I’M NOT? Wtf universe, uncool. Maybe I’m sitting here updating my blog in bed after a How I Met Your Mother marathon, drinking water and going to bed at a reasonable(ish) hour, and you’re off having sooo much fun. What kind of soul mate are you anyways? Unimportant. I’m just sassy cause I wanna just meet you already. I’ve been single for a long-ass time now and I’m ready for that change. I’m ready to make a commitment again. I want somebody there to rant to and laugh with and listen to. I mean, no offense love of my life, but it doesn’t even have to be you yet. I mean, you could wait a while, I guess, I mean I don’t really know how my life works out. I could meet you now or in ten years or any other denomination of time. I’m not sure of my fate with you as of now. So I don’t know. Here’s something you should know, lover, I really hate not knowing things.

I like knowing the end of suspenseful movies, I like plans, I like schedules. I’m just funny like that. So, if you’d give me an ETA that’d be great. I’ll slot you in, show up when I need to and bam, you KNOW it’s on.

Kay fine, I know. It doesn’t work like that. You’re going to waltz into my life one day when I least expect it, and somehow, some way, we’ll get together. And no matter how it happens it’ll be a funny story, or a sweet one. And then we can have snugglefests, breakfast parties for two, study sessions, dinner-cooking, and I adore reading aloud. Please please like listening to reading aloud! (Yeah, aware it’s a long shot but hey isn’t that kind of in your job description? Just saying..) Oh and believe me, in between all that we would have a gooooood time, if you know what I mean. (Dance parties, what else? C’mon you guys..get it together.)

Anyways, when you read this once we’ve found each other it’ll be pretty darn funny. You know what’s even funnier. I actually can’t imagine you. I don’t have any idea what you’re like, or if you even exist. WHAT IF YOU DON’T EXIST. Okay well I kind of have faith that you do, but even so it’s hard to imagine being that happy. Because to be honest, I would be ecstatic. I’m more of a couples person anyways.

I love you forever, soul mate. (Weird, feels so so weird..) Can’t wait to meet you.

xoxo, S.

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