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I Really Can’t

January 26, 2010

I really can’t do without sleep. I CAN’T DO IT. When other people don’t get enough sleep, how do you feel? Tired? Yawny, sleepy, headachey, blah? Well I feel like DEATH. I’m serious. It’s not fun and it’s not funny. I feel like I’m about to die at any moment, probably because of some psychological mindset that constantly tells me that sleep is the most crucial, primitive thing ever and I’d be a stupid, evolutionarily-challenged twit if I didn’t sleep lots. Here’s an interesting article I found about the importance of naps. I am starting to love naps. I sometimes often wake up and plan when during the day I will be able to nap. So no, I really can’t do without sleep.

I really can’t live without (non-materially): my friends, family, food (for not just survival reasons, but sanity also), making lists, reading, writing. I take advantage of each of these things daily (oh em gee I make lists compulsively..) and it keeps me alive. All the other things in my life are second to the enjoyment I get from the things on this list. I can’t live without them!

I really can’t live without (materially): my computer, my camera, my notebooks. Oh and my Coco Mademoiselle. Honestly, how else would I make lists, hone my photography skillz and make more lists? And watch movies? And make lists! And get boys.

I really can’t deal with: pushy, negative or rude people, missing the previews, getting up early, skipping breakfast, rain. No explico necessario.

I really can’t wait for: my Mom to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro! She has decided to go on a fundraising trip to, yes, Mount Kilimanjaro which is (as one of my friends stupidly [sorry, it was stupid] asked..” she going to go to Africa?”) in Africa, and yes she has to go to Africa in order to climb the mountain which is in Africa. Bu-duh. The trip is in October and she is so excited to be fundraising for MSF, getting into shape, looking forward to completing a life dream. I am so ridiculously happy for her. I also can’t wait for summer, Sex and the City 2, the end of this semester and me never EVER having to do calculus or physics EVER again until the MCATS (AHHHHH so excited!!!!), going home tonight to sleep, Thursday night when we’re going to a bubble tea/karaoke/green tea ice cream/arcade/xbox bar in Chinatown.

I really can’t get enough of: How I Met Your Mother (not as funny as it had been made out to be by the entire world, but definitely addictive), pomegranates, Evernote, Lady Gaga, blogging, Cubano sandwiches from Chef on Call (avocado, sauteed mushrooms and garlic mayonnaise on toasty ciabatta with sweet potato fries on the side what up), Montreal, Sinfully Asian spring rolls, my clipboard, my bamboo bed tray, Jake and Amir videos, looking at home design websites, Moleskines, new books.

I really can’t tell you how much I love you. You! All of you. I love you for reading the musings of a silly girl who loves you more than anything. Please keep it up, you make my day.

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