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Cold Nostalgia

January 24, 2010

I forgot to post these pictures that I took over the break! They’re an odd mishmash, anything I thought was pretty while hanging out near my mother and sister playing Mario Kart practically non-stop.

I miss home. It’s so strange to have two homes now, both of which I feel completely comfortable in. I’m going home for Reading Week, which will be fun because it really is a whole week. I am excited to see my family, but I’ll have to do a bunch of work, which is a bummer. I have a midterm right after the break! Lots of studying will need to be done. It’s weird though, because now I am starting to feel like all that’s left for me back home is my family and a couple friends. I’ve outgrown that town, and those people. I still follow some of them on Twitter and I’m astonished at how little they’ve grown up, how stupid they are still acting. I don’t completely have my shit together, but I’m positive that I made the right choice in coming to McGill because here, I’m surrounded by rational, intelligent, fun-loving, non-downer human beings who are accepting of every type of person and every type of lifestyle. I love it here.

But I do miss my parents. :)

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