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January 22, 2010

I went shopping today. (Pause for effect) YEP. Me, a broke university student, went shopping. Question: why is it that, even though we know that we’re going to be broke in university, we blow practically all of our ready income on shit we don’t even need/use/want anymore and then have no money left for stuff we need/use/want NOW!! But not to worry, today I spent money on a gift card!

Forever 21 and I have a love-hate relationship. Here’s how it goes. I love: when they get new collections (see below), their accessories, the range of styles, pretty fabrics, variety and constant change, price. I hate: the prices, when the clothes almost but then don’t quite work, how almost nothing actually looks good on me, the outrageous clothes that are cute but unwearable, the bags and shoes. But every so often I find something reaaaaally really cute and then I pounce.

Today when we went in I went GaGa for their new Twist collection, which can I just say, is genius. It’s so 1940’s/50’s jukebox, nautical, Sandra D, stripes and polka dots, reds and blues, fitted jackets, short cardigans, flirty dresses and lots and lots of bows. The lookbook is adorable. I just fell in love with basically the idea of the collection, it’s so fun and flirty, cherry red lips and big fake eyelashes. Obviously, as usual, not all of the pieces were hits but I just love love loved the idea of it. Sort of like how much I feel in love with their recent ballerina-inspired collection. I ended up picking up an adorable fitted jacket that I am ecstatic to figure out as many outfits as possible with it, a pair of square-framed buggy sunglasses and a navy blue wrap which is deliciously cozy and I’m wearing it as I type.

Mine is the jacket in the first picture, and it looks even cuter when you button it up at the front: there’s a bow detailing and then at the back it’s gathered and adorable. I LOVE.

It got me to thinking about what inspires me, and what inspires all of us. It seems to me as though what goes around comes around these days in fashion. Are the designers really designing anymore or simply reinventing? Where’s the innovation? Although I haven’t kept up with my runways this season so I could just be missing all the innovation occurring. But what inspires me?

1. Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, when she wears just black: leggings, flats, long-sleeved shirt. I’ve never seen anything more flawless. Actually Audrey Hepburn in just about anything is inspiring.

2. Princessy/ballerina looks. I love flouncy fabrics, tutus and pale pink. I don’t wear a ton of it but I’m always drawn to that look of airy dresses and pastel hues.

3. Women wearing trenchcoats and heels.

4. Tradition: pearls, lace, blazers, leather jackets, big fur hats, Chanel.

5. Hippie style. I can’t help it. I love flower headbands, white t-shirts, wooden jewelery and ripped denim.

6. Colour, colour, colour.

7. Academia. Wool skirts, solid tights, bow hairbands, button-down shirts, knee socks, flats, vests, white billowy blouses.

8. Dresses. I am obsessed. With the dress.

9. Understated French style. Berets, red lipstick, stripes, flats. I adore.

10. People around me. I love seeing unexpected details and things I wish I was wearing. I get inspired every day by the people around me, strangers and friends.

Take a look below at some of my ideal, wish-I-could-wear outfits. :)

So. That’s all for now folks. This post took much longer than I had anticipated to do, but it was therapeutic and fun too, so it all balances out. I am going to see a production of Cabaret tonight, my virgin viewing! I hear the show is incredible, and so I’m excited. I hope that you all have a terrific night.

lots of love, s.

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