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My Girl(s)

January 16, 2010

My ladies are amazing.

I’m not kidding. They are fantastic. All the women/girls that are important to me in my life have a few very important things in common. These things make us special, and brilliant and enlightened. They make us catches, but most of all they ensure that our lives will be splendid, simply splendid.

We believe in living life to the fullest. We recognize that there are so many fun things to do, whether it be go karaokeing, make special brownies, go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show live screening, climb up Mont Royal, play in the snow, eat pomegranates like chipmunks, play pool, have girls nights, or laugh til we cry. We know that there’s not enough time on Earth to lazy around, and that these years are so young and fun. We don’t believe in wasting life.

We laugh. ALL the time. Constantly. We laugh through tears, we laugh at awkward situations, we laugh til we cry, we laugh at names, we laugh at stories, we laugh at sex and the city. We laugh when we’re happy and when we’re sad. We laugh when we just had the worst night of our lives. And you know why? Because this goes hand in hand with the first bit: life isn’t worth living if everything is so serious. Live it up! Life is funny. Seriously, things happy in our lives that the best screenwriters couldn’t come up with. Even when life is sucking, there’s always something to laugh about. Today I had a fit of uncontrollable giggles while alone in my room watching videos on calculus. LAUGH.

We are enlightened. In certain ways, I believe that my friends and I are enlightened. And not in the spiritual, god-like way. Just like..we know what’s up. We know what’s important. Friends are important. Ourselves are important. Getting dressed up, doing more art, reading, writing, creating, learning; all important. Sex is important. We believe in lingerie, even if you don’t have anyone to wear it for, and especially if you do. We believe in honesty, up-frontness, not playing games, speaking our minds. We believe in makeup and pretty things and posters and movies and music. We believe in eating yummy food. We believe in DANCING. We believe in having it out, spilling the beans, telling secrets. We believe in open-mindedness! We believe in talking about how we feel and not keeping everything inside. That me-time is more important than we-time. Hoes before bros. Well, hoes before guys, dead animal matter before bros. EW BROS. We’re not afraid to be alone (especially if bros are the alternative).

We believe in eachother. Me and my ladies are always rooting for each other. We give each other the bad news and the good news, or any news there is. We give the advice we don’t want to hear, but need to. We talk, cry, laugh, yell, argue, dance, smile, joke together. We compliment each other daily. We cheer each other on. We help and push and congratulate each other. We love each other.

We don’t like Miranda. She’s mean. She named her child Brady Brady. She’s heartless and gutless and loveless. (Okay well, we do love the lovely parts about her, like that she’s strong and driven and a good friend and very caring; but apart from that..). That’s why we (my closest particular foursome) don’t match ourselves up with our SATC ladies. We prefer to think of ourselves as a big combination of all of them. (Although, if we had to choose, Linds would defs be Samantha, Adrienne – Charlotte, Shosh – Miranda and I – Carrie. YET IT DOESN’T EVEN WORK THAT WELL AT ALL! So we tend to not do it. Especially since we love Shosh and we don’t particularly like Miranda. Ugh.)

So to wrap it up, I’ll just say that I love my friends. I adore them. They’re caring towards each other and to me, passionate, driven, happy, fun-loving and not superficial. We’re a rare breed.

Are we original? Yeaaaah.

Are we the only ones? Yeaaah.

Are we sexual? Yeaaah.

Are we everything you need? (You’d better rock your body right.)

Yep. Yeah we are.

Come get us boys, we’ll change your lives.

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  1. Shoshy permalink
    January 18, 2010 1:44 AM

    you are the richard gere to my julia roberts

    • effieboo permalink
      January 18, 2010 12:40 PM

      How come I have to be Richard Gere!?

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