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Ay Caramba!

March 22, 2009

Good morning! Here’s to hoping you had a most wonderful of sleeps last night. I certainly did, but for my very last dream. I dreamt that I was going to marry my ex-boyfriend, that my grandparents and parents were ever so excited, we had the dress and everything, and all of a sudden I realized..!..I haven’t seen him in years! He has a girlfriend! This is all wrong. Needless to say it was a bit odd. What does that say about me? In principle I’d like to marry my ex-boyfriend, but not really? Huh.

Anywho yesterday I tried the President’s Choice Blue Menu Chocolate Soy Milk and now I can safely say that I love the whole line of milks. They are delicious and super nutritious. 6g of protein per glass, lots of calcium and other vitamins (think B12, zinc, vitamin D, A, etc), some omega-3’s and omega-6’s. It’s like health in a bottle. And on top of that, the vanilla one tastes like a cold milkshake and the chocolate like chocolate milk.. so there is no need to get fearful of the soy, mmkay? It tastes amazing. I recommend both, four stars. Out of four. They are available, along with tons of other amazing products, at Real Canadian Superstores and Zehrs, Fortino’s etc across Canada. You should really look into checking out some of the other Blue Menu items here. They’re all super healthy and delicious..check them out!

I also came across something else really neat yesterday. Now this little post goes out to all the little fashionista hypocrites out there. I know this one girl, who claims to be an environment lover, says she adores David Suzuki, the whole bit. But guess what? I have a locker near hers and this girl has plastic water bottles that have been used once, stacked up high on her locker shelves. Sure, she’ll recycle them, but that in itself takes valuable energy and time. She of course has many trendy reusable water bottles at home but apparently can’t be bothered to use them. It’s hypocrisy like that which makes me angry. I get upset when I see people not recycling, not being smart about the products they use; but I just get angry when I see people pretending to care and then doing the same thing. It’s just dumb, to be honest. Really frustrating.

Anyways, another reason I bring up this girl is that she is also by chance in love with certain designer labels (all those that are quasi-affordable) such as Lacoste and Coach. And she remains oblivious to the fact that the very animal pictured on her sneakers and wallets is a threatened animal.

Luckily enough, I am not the only person who sees this irony in action. The wonderful people behind are in consensus with me. WOO! They developed an awesome plan of action in order to target aforementioned hypocrites. Their premise is to target companies that use any kind of animal that it is ecological danger and ask for collaboration and ultimately funds in order to do research and habitat restoration for these animals. The first company that it is participating is Lacoste, which, when approached, pledged to donate 1.5 million euros over three years (the amount the project expects of their private partners). Fun fact, Rene Lacoste (a tennis star nicknamed ‘the crocodile’ )was actually the first to embroider a crocodile on a shirt he’d designed, creating the first polo shirt and the first visible logo! Weird because now you see logos on everything. Anyways I think it’s a terrific idea, the companies can definitely afford it and that’s something that they can care about, definitely. It’s something personal to their company but important none the less so good job on the project. Click below for more information on SaveYourLogo..

Anyways. That’s it for me. This post has been a long time coming because I kept getting interupted while writing it! I hope to update more often. Have a wonderfully marvellous Monday and keep awake! I know I’ll have some trouble..I didn’t sleep well last night. Off to snooze.

Love, S.

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