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The Water Paradox

March 21, 2009
Hi there! Welcome to this humble little blog situated absolutely nowhere in anyone’s consciousness but my own. Hurrah! Well if you ever read this, congratulations. You’ve arrived! You’ve finally made it to my handy dandy little blog about me. So far my plans for it are simple: post about me, my interests, my new found passions, etc. I might as well start by introducing myself! I can also us this opportunity to show you my life list here and list various other random tidbits about myself. What could be better? Not a lot, that is the answer you’re looking for I think.
I enjoy making lists. Here is a list about my interests:
1. Fashion: I cannot obviously afford high fashion, but I love looking at the runways.
2. Music: I like anything catchy, which includes gangster pop, indie, rock, radio hits, oldies, jingles..
3. Books: I work at a bookstore and read pretty much everything. I love fiction, culture studies, biographies…and any quirky books I can find.
4. Photography: I am not stellar, but I try. I am trying to try more often, without a ton of success. Hopefully this new flickr account will help motivate me.
5. Writing: I don’t write often enough, butI love thinking of ideas for screenplays and short stories. I would love to someday publish a book.
6. Movies: I am in the process of watching as many Oscar winners as possible. I got a bad batch last time and was discouraged, but I’m ready to try again!
7. Cooking: I love to cook! I don’t always have time, but I am trying to make more time. It is so much fun. I also adore baking, especially cupcakes.
Those seven things basically epitomize all that I do. That’s me in a nutshell!
And now for my current obsession…
It’s an absolutely terrific font by SPRANQ, a creative communications company based in the Netherlands. They developed a font that uses 20% less ink and therefore saves you a ton of money on toner in the long run. It is so ideal for all the little printing jobs you might not think about..I print all my school notes, emails, rough drafts, stories in it. Mark my words, you cannot even tell that there’s holes in it at all, unless you get into a bigger size. So phenomenal! Download it right here.
Anyways thanks for stopping by and with any luck I’ll be back soon to give you more updates on awesome things.
Love, S.

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